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April 20, 2020

I don't know about you, but I have spent way too much time online shopping during these long weeks of staying home. So here is what is I bought!!

A fat quarter bundle of Catalina by Fig Tree. I got my shipping notice, so I expect in a few days! The colors are so happy...I couldn't resist the blues!

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 This purchase was an impulse buy on a day when I was sad. It's Gypsy Soul by Basic Grey and I bought yardage of Grunge that goes with it called Soothing. If money were no object, I would have at least one yard of every single Grunge color in my stash. I seriously love that fabric...

And, one more purchase. A fat quarter bundle of Alison Glass wovens called Kaleidoscope. I want to play with this rainbow deliciousness next. I have had my eye on this bundle for over a year and when I found it on sale, it was a no brainer! One of my most favorite low volume fabrics is Alison Glass' Meadow print in wisp from her 2017 Sunprint line. I used up what little I had in my applique quilts I shared last time. I scoured the internet and I found some more from two different shops. My first order came the other day and I am waiting for the second one to show up. 

Have you done any shopping to enhance your stash while on quarantine? It will be interesting to see if there will be some sales coming up to get people to buy. What are your thoughts?


  1. My first thought is that you are going to have lots of fun with all those fabrics! I've looked on line, but really haven't ordered anything but elastic for masks. I probably have enough fabric in my house to start a store! So I try not to even look too much. ---"Love"

  2. I've just purchased some fabric online - some batiks to finish a quilt, a low volume fabric and some "mood enhancers"! I had made a pact with myself to use up some of my extensive stash, and that's happening...

  3. I've been lucky, in that these weeks have hit me with an inclination to pull things out of deep storage and work on kits that have been languishing for quite a few years, instead of feeling an urge to buy new pretties. (Usually, I would be right with you, buying new treasures!!) You sure found some pretty bundles. Love that Gypsy Soul and Soothing combo, and I'm in complete agreement about wishing for yardage of every Grunge color in my stash! Thanks so much for sharing these cheery finds.

  4. I would have but I can't find the fabric I'm looking for. I want 2 of the Riley Blake lines (Sew Chatty and Emma). No one carries either line, at least as far as I can find.

  5. Oh I am right there with you. I have been doing stash enhancement from small shops all over the US.

  6. Lovely, lovely fabrics Amy! I especially keep eyeing the Catalina line myself. I will often keep PDF patterns on my wish list for those days where I need a 'pick-me-up' - but any fabric order makes me especially smile :)! I did do a recent order of 'At Home' by Bonnie and Camille - love that aqua print in there - and have a few patterns I would love to make with it - we'll see which I decide on. Stay safe and enjoy your sewing.

  7. I love your bundles of fabrics. I love the colors, wow, incredible purchases. Well done.

    Online shopping is so nice and fun and wonderful. I have purchased a lot of fat quarters, back in March. Carly who owns Web Fabrics in Purcelleville is selling her business (she is my age) and wants to spend more time with her grand babies and such. So all of her stuff is on sale. I went before the Covid closing.
    Well, I helped and brought home a big stack of pretty fat quarters at $2.25 a piece, and some 1 yard pieces for $6. Now the place is pick up only.

    Today I am going out foraging. It is exhausting but I have to do it. Then I am coming home to slave in my gardens, and tomorrow I will go see dad. I miss my grand babies like crazy

  8. I am coming to your house, those fabrics, especially the first picture are just wonderful.

  9. Good purchases! Love anything Fig Tree! You will have fun with all those bundles!

  10. I too love the grunge, but that isn't what I bought online. I got some pink fabric print that will work in nicely with my 1800's reprints, some polka dot for my polka dot 9-patch quilt, and some "shirtings" that too will go nicely with my 1800's so I should be able to use them as part of the alternate blocks to finish a couple of quilts that I have the blocks done. However instead of sewing, right now i'd rather read quilting blogs.

    1. I am very glad you stopped in! I am sure you will enjoy your purchases when you get back to sewing again. ☺️


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