Welcome 2020!

January 1, 2020

A new year...New beginnings...The first day of a new year stirs up anticipation of hope and excitement in my heart like when you open a new notebook to the first clean page and prepare to write. The possibilities seem endless...

It's the perfect time to reflect on the goals I set up for myself last year, both personal and creative, and make new plans for the things I want to strive for in this new year.

My quilting goals for 2020:

1 - Make donation quilts for Bridgehaven.
In 2019, I only donated 7. I want to do much better this year. I hope to double that number. 

2 - Continue to use up my stash.
I did really well last year, but it will always be a goal to use up what I have. 

3 - Continue with being very selective about what I add to my stash. 
~  I did really well in this area last year, as well. I was tempted many times to buy fabric because it was pretty, or on sale. I have to say I have zero regrets about not buying fabric I wanted. Just because I love something doesn't mean I have to own it. Too much fabric in my stash overwhelms me and causes my creativity to shut down. Less is more in my world. 

4 - Learn one new technique out of my comfort zone.
  ~  I didn't do this one last year, so it is added again to this year. Not sure what that one new technique will be, though. If you have some suggestions, feel free to share!

5 - Set up a notebook to keep track of my projects as way to record what I created as well as keep track of who it was gifted to, fabrics used, pattern used, etc. I hope to share more on this at a later date. I am still in the figuring out how to set it up phase.  I purchased Chic Sparrow travelers notebooks for this purpose, so I must use them!

6 - Sort through my fabric and scraps. It's time for some of my fabric to find new homes,  someone who can use and love them.

My personal goals for 2020:

1 - Love my husband more.  

2 - Memorize at least one new scripture or sections of scripture a month. 
~ In 2019, I memorized 29 verses, which boils down to 18 sections of Scripture. My longest memorization was Titus 3:4-7. I use the Bible Memory app and I find it to be helpful. I did buy the full version, but you don't need to. 

3 -  Read my Bible regularly  
~ In July of last year, I downloaded the Reading Plan app and found a  beginners reading plan that took me through some of the Bible in 5 months. I have tried many times to read the Bible in a year and failed. The beginners reading plan took out most of the law so it was easier to get through and it was an encouragement to know I could finish what I began. This next year, I am going to read the Bible using the Five Day Plan. The goal will be to get through it in a year, but I will not fret over it taking longer than that. The goal is being in God's Word regularly and learning more about Him, not how fast I read through it. One way I help myself to stay engaged with my reading and to help my mind not wonder too much is to have the ESV Bible app on my phone read it out loud to me while I follow along in my Bible. 

4 - Continue to stay on the Low Carb High-Fat eating plan. 
~ 1000 x's YES! The KETO way of eating has changed my life and the life of my husband. My arthritis is gone. No more aching knees and hips. I've lost 55 pounds and went from a size 14-16 to a size 4 - 6. 🙌Russ is no longer pre diabetic and has lost over 50 pounds. He went from a size 42 waist to a 34. 👏 Our only regret is we didn't start this change earlier in our lives, but we are grateful we did when we did...

5 - Be an encouragement with those I meet. Greg Koukl at Stand To Reason sums it up well in his mentoring letter: Give 'Em Heaven 
~ Everyone has a story. Everyone has suffered in some way or is in the middle of suffering. When I was in the midst of great suffering six years ago, having someone be kind made my pain so much easier to bear. And you now what? 
Being KIND is not hard! 
Extending GRACE is not hard!
My goal last year was simple. When shopping, I wanted the people working there to know they were appreciated and give them reason to smile. One store where I frequently shop offered me a job 3 times this year. I politely declined, but it's nice to know they are happy to see me when I stop in. ðŸ˜„I'd like to think I made a difference in my corner of the world by bringing some kindness to those I have met and I want the same for this year. 

6 -  One of my favorite t shirts says: Hold on I've gotta overthink about itI would like this to NOT be true of me, so this year, I am going to make a conscience effort to stop 
The bonus will be it won't take me hours and hours to write one simple blog post. A girl can dream, right? 

I'd be interested in hearing what your dreams and goals are for the new year. Please share! 


  1. My goals for 2020 are to get healthier, be kinder,and be more productive. Kudos to you and hubs getting healthier. Thats awesome!

  2. Great goals Amy, both personal and quilty. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  3. Great goals Amy.
    You are inspiring.
    My goal is to keep being positive and keep trying to be brave.
    I like your goals. I like being organized. I should try to get more organized
    and maybe continue down sizing.

  4. Great goals! I say Amen to many of them as well!

  5. Your blog came to me just when I needed it! Thanks so much for the inspiration, as well as a challenge to me! ---"Love"

  6. I didn't make any resolutions this year but I'm hoping it's less stressful!

  7. Great goals. I am going to try to maintain my goal of reading a short Bible study every morning. I really want to get a notebook going with my quilts what I am working on, etc. I need to get healthier. Working helps a ton.

  8. I started out with legal pads for my quilt "journaling". I've moved to spiral notebooks. Inspiration strikes, I write on one page what it is, draw a sketch, if idea is for a person, their name goes next to the imagined quilt drawn there. Often I figure out how many blocks, etc, cutting instructions on the page too. Sometimes that is as far as it gets. Next page! Also mixed in are hand written recipes. Or there may be a page FILLED with names of people I am praying for, in many columns and then sideways between the columns. If however that page with the sketch, and quilt requirements comes to begin being made, I (hope that I) refer back and chart progress on said quilt. Sometimes not. I've started again on using some pages as WHEN I SEWED whish can be few and far between. There will be a notation of date, what quilt I worked on (many in the works!!!) and what I did. For example Tuesday I went to Craft Day, finished one more Stars In a Time Warp block, added binding by machine to my tiny tree quilt, took first stitches in my Polka Dot 9-patch quilt blocks. Thursday (date) Worked on hexi quilt, got one flower together till could no longer find the hole in the needle. By my computer I keep a spiral graph paper note book to do more detailed sketches. Finished quilts are kept track of in another note book, kept with the fabric I use for the quilt labels, and the pigma pens that I use. My labels include the size (by inches), IF bed size it will have that on there too, and the number (pieced or appliqued) of that one in the finished que … for example there are only 3 appliqued quilts that I have made. So that is easy to remember. The name I've given the quilt comes next. If I have info on when began that is there too, as well as finished date, who quilted by, made by (me), (my)city and state, for whom (+city and state). Quilt researchers in the future will LOVE all that info!

  9. You are very right! They will love all that information! Thank you for sharing!


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