To Lauren and the dreaded No-reply

January 22, 2020

Dear Lauren, you asked me about this quilt, but unfortunately, I have no way to answer you via email because you have your email hidden. Here is one way to fix that if you are interested! I hope you find your way here to read my answer!

There is no pattern for this quilt, it is made with half square triangles which are blocks that look like this:

In my quilt, half of the block is white and the other is pink. The diagonal layout is accomplished very simply by how the half square triangles are oriented. I know your grandmother could make a quilt like this very easily for your baby. The half square triangle is a very versatile and common quilt block.  I hope this helps!!


And, now to the rest of you...If you ask me a question or leave a comment and you don't hear back from me after a few days, it is mostly likely because your email is hidden and I have no way to reach you, which makes me very sad. If you do a search, there are a ton of bloggers who share how to fix the no-reply setting. Here is one.  If you are unsure if your email is hidden, be sure to add your email to your comment/question. You can also reach me via email by clicking on my profile picture. It will take you to my profile and there is a link to my email. 

While I am writing a post, I may as well share a glimpse of what I am playing with these days...I'll share what these lovelies are being made into soon! For those who may be interested, the fabric is First Romance by Kristyne Czepuryk by Moda. 

Until next time!! 😁


  1. I remember how my children helped me with the 'no-reply' problem. Now that everything is set up - I've forgotten again how it was done :)! Love this simple pattern with the soft and pretty pink fabric shades - and the quilting you did on it. Looking forward to your new fabric pull and what you will make with it.

  2. Beautiful quilt and oh those fabrics are gorgeous!

  3. Amy I love this quilt. What size are your blocks?

  4. this is a cutie quilt/ I like the way you quilted it too.

  5. I like HST quilts, and your settings is one of the best I ever seen. And the quilting is adorable as well. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Love that quilt, and cute fabric choices for a next one!

  7. I love your lovelies.....I am drooling What a pretty quilt, it is amazing what one can accomplish with half squares.


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Grace and peace to all of you!

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