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January 3, 2020

Chic Sparrow travelers notebooks are one of my favorite guilty pleasures that I discovered a couple of years ago. They go hand in hand with my love for fountain pens and quality writing paper. They really are awesome!! I bought the  Blue Jay in the B6 size to use for my quilting journal and I filled it with two Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks

Why not buy one of the quilters planners or journals that are out there? Partially because of the expense, they have to be replaced every year, and they include things in them I am not interested in like a calendar. It makes much more sense to create my own so I can set it up with only the information I want to keep track of. Besides, Chic Sparrows are awesome!! 😁 Yes, I do have to physically write out the information, but fountain pens are also awesome!! 😎

I am printing pictures of the quilts on regular printer paper and glueing them on the facing page. I like having a visual of the actual quilt along with the information. For now, I think this set up will work. I can always change things up in the future if I change my mind. Being able to be flexible is another bonus for writing it out on my own. There is plenty of room to write notes under the picture if I need to, as well. 

Do you have a system for keeping track of your quilts and other projects?


  1. I like your system. I agree the planners out there have so much in them and only a small piece I use. Right now I just use a simple spreadsheet.

  2. I love you system. I am just a willy nilly kind of person, I fly by the seat of my pants...wish I was more organized.

  3. This is a great idea. This is just like you, Amy. You have a good sense of priorities. I admire that. Now that I am 65, I just do not know what happened. I am always running, and find only short periods of time to focus on projects of any kind. So I always aim for that and expect those results
    I am just like Barb.
    I do keep a cute and colorful list of things I want to make, need to make
    and and little check boxes. I usually use a 5x7 index card size piece of cardboard and tape it on my important things wall. I love your organization. I think this will be very effective.

  4. I don't keep track, but keep thinking maybe I should. I like how you did that. Also would be a great way to keep track of projects that you have the pattern, and fabric, but haven't started it yet.

  5. I used to take pictures and document the quilt. Well I fell off that wagon several years ago. Love you system and agree with creating your own sew you can make what you want.
    Love and Hugs

  6. I'm using a planner for the first time this year. Expensive is right! If I use one next year I think I'll purchase one on Etsy I can print at home and have bound at Office Depot.

  7. I tried a planner one year, and it didn't fit me. I like to keep track of what I'm working on, but it usually doesn't fit into a schedule. Things come up that push the current project out of the way, or I'm in the mood for something different on any given day. I have a spiral notebook now, and it works for me. Your book is prettier :)

  8. I bought on of the really expensive ones 2 years ago. I ended up not using it. Not saying it was bad, but just not right for me. I have a lovely journal I will try your system. Like you, I don't need a calendar. Thanks for the idea.


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