Double 4 Patch - Baby Quilts

January 14, 2020

When my box of goodies came in, I told myself I had to get some scraps of my own used before I cut into the new fabric. Out came all the 2" squares I already had cut up in my scrap bins. You can read about how I have my scraps precut to useable sizes HERE.  

I sewed them all together and tossed them into a bin. 

One by one, I sewed them together to create 4 patches. 

Next I added 3 ½" squares to the 4 patches. I took those sets and created a double 4 patch. These final squares measure 6 ½", so I could have added a 6 ½" square to them and eventually make a double-double 4 patch measuring at 12 ½". I love this kind of quilty math!! Maybe next time. 

I had enough to make one baby quilt at 42 ½" x 54 ½"...

and two more at 36 ½" x 42 ½"!

My 2" squares are mostly gone, but I still have a pile of 3 ½" left. I tried to make a dent, but like most quilters, I suspect, you can hardly tell I used any and yet, I have 3 baby quilts to show for it. They aren't fancy, but they are still cute! And I love this kind of mindless sewing. 

This one I made using left over princess fabric from a long time ago. Some little girl will be happy to have this quilt to call her own...

In my quilt closet, I have 5 baby quilts so far ready to be quilted and donated to Bridgehaven

My to-be-quilted pile is stacking up! 

Are you making any dents in your scraps? What are your favorite ways of using them up? 


  1. Love them! I love cutting fabric scraps into usable pieces. I also used to do the same thing with paper scraps when I was scrapbooking a lot.

  2. Exactly what I am doing right now :)! You are so right in saying - 3 quilts, and yet hardly a dent in the scrap baskets. Love your cute scrappy quilts - someone will love to cuddle and drag these around. Comfort quilts!

  3. Great idea. I don't cut 3 1/2 inch blocks often. Maybe I need to. I have been taming my scraps into 2 different scrap quilts. Just cutting still.

  4. I just signed up for a scrappy challenge on IG (persimondreams). Every month there will be a different inspiration, and we can participate or pass. We have a year to finish the project...
    I grabbed my 2.5" squares and am making this month's challenge (9-patches) with low-volume centers. I'm thankful that I have a HUGE stash of squares pre-cut!

  5. Try to use my scraps in an applique quilt, not even making a dent in them. lol! Love you have done thank you sew much for the idea. Love your quilts they are sew cute.
    Love and Hugs

  6. your baby quilts are sooo cute. I have so many scraps.
    One day I will get started on them.
    I have a million billion tiny hsts in various boxes though. I need to go through them
    Thank you Amy for sharing your creativity

  7. Such a sweet baby quilt and great way to use those bits and pieces!


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