Sleep Tight, Little One

December 17, 2019

I promise, this will not turn into a blog about my grandchildren, however, I had to show you Bennett's hair!! I am hoping it stays red! 

This panel is an older line by Cotton and Steel called Sleep Tight. I have been waiting for a boy to quilt it up!

The backing print is hard to see, but it is white with the alphabet letters scattered all over. I added orphan flying geese to give it some more interest. 
This will be Bennett's quilt when he comes to visit Grandma's house. 🥰

One more picture of the wee babe and now I am done! 
For now. 😉


  1. Enhorabuena por ese precioso pelirrojo
    Besos y disfrutalo mucho

  2. So precious, I just want to come through this computer and kiss those sweet cheeks. Love your quilt and the quilting on it

  3. Awww - so adorable!! Lovely quilt for wee Bennett! So happy for you, Amy!

  4. Sweet cute, and sweet baby. Love the red hair.

  5. Amy, this is so so sweet. Do they still sell this panel? Wow, Your new grandboy is the sweetest. He is going to be the best. Just look.... I can't stop looking at them. Such miracles and they are our grandbabies. Arent we blessed?
    I am so happy this little guy is out and being loved

    YOU look wonderful there on the couch. You look 30!

  6. Love it, you have shrunk away!

  7. Oh Amy what a sweet baby quilt to go with a precious little boy. I love the way you quilted it.
    Love and Hugs

  8. Sew cute (both the baby and the quilt)! I finally get to meet my new grandson in January.

  9. Love that quilt - and a bit of a bribe to get mom and dad to bring Bennett over more often?!!! ;-)


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