End of 2019 Quilting

December 31, 2019

These are the last projects I finished in 2019, just in time for Christmas...Well, mostly finished! 

The left over fabrics from the Vintage Holiday Stars Christmas quilt were put to use to make 3 new Christmas table toppers. 

The last two Vintage Holiday charm packs in my stash along with part of a Little Ruby charm pack were used to make another simple patchwork Christmas quilt. I only have a very little bit of scraps left over from the fat quarter bundle and charm packs I had in my stash. I love it when I can find a way to use every little last bit of a collection. I didn't have time to get the quilt top quilted before Christmas, so it has been added to my pile of projects to get finished in 2020. 

And one more to add to the 2020 pile is my Winter Suburbia quilt. I LOVE this one so much and can't wait to get it finished so I can hang it up in my living room. 

I want to thank all of you who take the time to read and comment on my blog. Your encouragement and your kindness is never taken for granted. 

Heres to a new year...

A new beginning...

Fill your year with JOY!

Happy New Year 2020!! 🥳


  1. Te deseo muchas horas de paz y tranquilidad en el nuevo año, para poder dedicarte a coser las maravillas que realizas

  2. I like all your matching tabletoppers . And I ESPECIALLY love your houses quilt. I saved a photo of it.......I would like to make on for next winter, to go with trees quilties.

    Beautiful work.....happy new year !

  3. They all are so bright and happy! And the house quilt...gorgeous!

  4. Love your table toppers. So pretty

  5. These projects are wonderful, I love the little houses, so cute!


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