Christmas 2019

December 30, 2019

I did a terrible job at taking pictures of our Christmas gatherings. I was holding Bennett every chance I could get, so that's my excuse. 😉I did make a point to get a picture of Russ' mom with Bennett...

and pictures of Haley with the Kansas City Chiefs onesies we bought for Bennett. 

Russ continued to "penable" my love of fountain pens and ink, by adding a Visconti Breeze to my pen collection, and Diamine Blue Pearl and Iroshizuku Tsutsuji to my ink collection. 

I bought Russ a gazebo tent room for us to use while camping.  This will come in handy when we want a place to get away from the bugs.

The day after Christmas, we ran away for a couple of days to Des Moines. We were to go to Texas for a week with the camper, but Russ' job didn't shut down like they usually do for the holidays. We decided to save the vacation days to go to Texas in February or March when it will be a bit warmer. We had a very nice time in Des Moines shopping and just being together. We took advantage of some good after Christmas sales and dreamed about other things, like a Jeep Gladiator...It most likely will never happen, but it was fun to dream. 😊

I hope you all had a sweet and tender Christmas with your family and loved ones...


  1. You can never have enough baby photos..... Seasons Greetings to you and your family. I have returned to blogging after a break of about 5 years and my goal for 2020 will be to reacquaint myself with all my creative friends. Love your quilts and hope to get more of mine finished in 2020

  2. Looks like a nice family Christmas. Happy New Year!

  3. Like you I didn't take many pictures at Christmas, too busy with visiting and hosting. All the best to you and your family in 2020 Amy!

  4. How fun to spend the 1st Christmas with Bennet, and love the pic of great grandma with him. Looks like a fun family Christmas.

  5. Oh gosh. YES!
    I just saw one of these Jeep Gladiators yesterday at my dad's horribly expensive old fart neighborhood (It must have been a visitor). The thing was loaded, easily $50k. THE TIRES!!!
    I told daddy the tires were at least $1000 each. He yawned. He does not care about cars but I married Mr Car, so I know much more about cars than I ever imagined....

    So, that one.... it looks good. maybe you can make a deal with a rental company and rent one for a few days. Hubbs and I used to rent cars for trips.... once we got a Town Car and the back seat was huge and all leather and the girls brought all of their dolls and sailed across that huge seat the whole trip up and back from NH

    I love these Christmas pictures. I took some, but not enough either. Bennet is adorable. The parents look proud and think they are in control hahahaha
    Happy New Year dear Amy.

    1. Oh and the pens..... nice. Pretty.
      My daughter has a pen "fetish" lol. No I appreciate yours really
      I could never have one bc I am messsssy

  6. Sounds like a special Christmas. Snuggles with Bennett I'm sure topped the list for you :)! We too had a special Christmas time with family. Wishing you a Happy New Year, Amy!


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