Sweet Pea

November 4, 2019

I am back with another finish of sorts. Not only was my goal to finish the tops that I had finished piecing, but to finish the projects that have been cut out and partially pieced. This one falls in the latter category. This project also meets another goal of mine which is to make a top with the patterns I have purchased over the years but have never been used. Fortunately, I don't have too many of those because I am not a pattern or quilt book collector. I am very picky about what ones I buy. 

Last April I chose Sweet Pea by The Pattern Basket pattern to showcase my stash of Lecien's Flower Sugar fabric. I had the blocks all cut out and sorted. All I needed to do was sew. I took a couple of weeks to do a few here and there between my other finishes. 

Gotta love my design floor! *wink*

I love the bright and happy colors!

I decided to not add the final border that the pattern calls for, so it finishes at 48" x 57".  A very nice baby size quilt or lap quilt. 

I have it basted and ready for quilting, but I don't know how I will quilt it yet, so I am going to let it sit for a while. In the meantime, I want to go through my patterns that haven't been used yet and see which one catches my attention. 

Thank you all for your encouragement! Have a happy week! 


  1. Gasp! Loving this little darling. Now I need one!

  2. That's scrumptious ! I hate it when I get stalled out trying to decide on a quilting design. I've gotten to where I don't want to make it until I've worked all of that out !

  3. This looks so happy and bright - good job!

  4. Great idea. Love how bright the quilt turned out. Some lucky baby will love it for sure.

  5. I have a charm pack of some sugar flower. I love it so much, I was not done petting it.
    Your quilt does look so sweet. I love the pattern, It does look so bright and happy.

    I am so pleased you are being productive and enjoying sewing freedom and happy days
    I have been feeling just great until two weeks ago.... I got a tetanus shot, and I think in the immunity building process I picked up a virus, lost loads sleep, and my sacroiliac is hurting, I wish it would stop ::::whine grumble grumble::: I will take some tylenol and jump in the shower. Today is going to be the warmest day this week (60ยบ) so I will take daddy to the park. I hope you enjoy the day getting stuff done.

  6. Oh Amy I am sew in love with this. Sew bright and cherry. Lecien Flower Sugar is one of my favorite fabric lines.
    Love and Hugs

  7. That is utterly charming!!!!!!! I love it!

  8. You're making great progress towards your goal! Love this quilt! Looking forward to seeing how you quilt it!


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