Get it done! ~ Summer Moon BOM

November 18, 2019

Summer Moon was a block of the month I started last April. I was super excited to make this one! I dove right in and cut everything out. I got it all organized and wrote extensive notes on post-it notes in the book. I quickly sewed the first two months blocks and then...

I was over it...

I'm not the only one who does this, right?? 🤷‍♀️ 

 The setup for Summer Moon's block of the month program has you make 3 different blocks in 3 different sizes. So actually, there were 9 blocks to make in a month. This was part of the reason I stalled. I was overwhelmed to the point where I seriously considered scrapping it altogether. If I hadn't had all the pieces already cut out, I probably would have. Instead, I set it aside until I was ready to tackle it again. 

Last week, I decided to test the waters and make one block in all three sizes. It went together fairly painlessly and I gained my confidence back. I made a few more, and a few more after that. Several days later, they were all finished. Really! It took far less time to finish that I thought! I find it to be true about a lot of things, the actual job takes far less time than what I think it will. I overthink about far too many things and psych myself out. 

Now that the blocks were finished the next step was to get them all framed. The cleverness of how this quilt is assembled is what made me want to make it in the first place. And, now I was really loving this project again and excited to see them completed.

I don't even mind that I lost a few points on some of the stars. 

And here they all are!!

Until I am ready to baste and quilt it, I am leaving the blocks unassembled.  

As a reward, I am going to break open the Vintage Holiday fat quarter bundle 
to make a quick and easy Christmas quilt.🎄😄 No overthinking allowed!


  1. Such pretty colors and blocks. Will be watching to see how you put them together. ---"Love"

  2. Love your background fabrics. I ALWAYS stall with BOMs. I ALWAYS stall with life! HA!

  3. Your blocks turn out wonderful. I do the same thing. There is more than one project that I get disinterested in and maybe someday go back to it. Looking forward to seeing what you are up to.
    Love and Hugs

  4. Such pretty and sweet blocks. Can't wait to see how it goes together.

  5. Oh how I understand!! I have a big quilt just waiting for a few blocks and the borders to finish - and there it sits :)! So happy you finished all your blocks and get to do the especially fun part, you had looked forward to right at the beginning. Enjoy your Christmas quilt sewing :)!

  6. Awesome job. I totally agree. I have a BOM or two that are a wee bit daunting too. I powered through and can sit back with a huge sigh and do something else for a few days.

  7. Amy, you're like me! Get a inkling of a wrong idea in my head, and it completely halts progress. And I LOVE to make a No Brainer quilt after a more difficult one. Frees up my mind a bit. Your quilt will be awesome!

  8. I totally get "psyched out" too. I get these big ideas. I rarely follow patterns, so that creates even more potential discouragement and shelving for a better frame of mind

    These blocks are absolutely adorable I love the fabric colors together, such a pretty pallet
    Yes, make that Christmas quilt.
    I hope you find a super fun pattern

  9. I love the blocks and I am glad that you had it all cut out so that you were motivated to complete them. I have had fun finishing several projects lately but I would love to use my Christmas jelly roll and make a quilt top.

  10. Love all your finished up projects and glad to see you happy and back at what you love! Miss you too! Tara 😘

  11. Oh my goodness the colors and piecing are so lovely!!!!! I can't wait to see this one finished. Well done! And Amy, congrats on your retirement!!!!!!!

  12. I have sew many BOM's that aren't finished (barely started). I just have too much going on to even keep up, and I get bored.

  13. I think about quilting sometimes but the cost of having things quilted when it's done seems so crazy.


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