Fig Tree and a Rainbow

November 12, 2019

Fig Tree is done and ready to be enjoyed!! I think it looks pretty laying on the grass with the colorful leaves. 

I quilted it with orange silk thread on the front and Aurifil orange thread on the back. 

I also finished the 25 patch rainbow quilt I made last February and got it out of the to-do pile and into the done. 

My to-do pile is really small now! I feel far less overwhelmed and more ready to tackle the Summer Moon BOM, the Zuma Shimmer quilt and maybe start a Christmas quilt out of Vintage Holiday now that Christmas is around the corner! 

How are you all doing with your to-do projects? 


  1. I love your 25 patch rainbow!! I think I’ll organize my overflowing 2.5” box into colors and do the same thing! Do you have a system to do so? I just pitch them in the box. Would be nice to reduce at least one pile. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Great finishes - love the quilting you did on both. The Fig Tree quilt fits so perfectly for Fall - and the gorgeous backing - love it, and your Rainbow quilt - so beautiful. Perfect patterns that omit needing background fabrics to make them. I've really tried to tackle my older fabrics and scrap baskets - and am amazed at how all those areas and baskets seem to fill up again, faster than I emptied them. Your quilts have given me new motivation to keep going - thanks, Amy!

  3. Awesome finishes. I have been pulling BOM and working on them.....there is a reason why some of them are a BOM there are so many intricacies that it takes a month to finish it. LOL

  4. uhm... drowning.
    Oh and distracted.
    I hope to get some sewing done today. I want to finish my nutty quilt so I can make a few Christmas presents for people I love... they are begging for handmade stuff... so I better get moving.
    I love these two perfect finishes. They are beautiful.

  5. What great finishes Amy.
    The Summer Moon looks like a lot of fun.
    Love and Hugs

  6. You are right the Fig Tree quilt looks so pretty with the leaves. Isn't a disappearing nine patch so much fun to sew? You have such lovely projects to complete. I can't wait to see them progress and become quilts.

  7. I really like the rainbow quilt (brights are my colors). I'm going way too slow on my projects.

  8. I love this quilt and the quilting you did. I have charm packs that will have to become a disappearing nine patch quilt soon.


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