Free Wheeling Single Girl ~ Finish!

October 4, 2019

It was one year ago about this time when I joined in with the Free-Wheeling Single Girl sew-along. My Free-Wheeling Single Girl progress can be found in this post and, as a matter of fact, there is another Free-Wheeling Single Girl sew-along going on right now! You can find the information at Denyse Schmidt's blog. Seeing another sew-along being organized was just the push I needed to get mine done. 

We have had a lot of rainy days lately, so I grabbed the first sunny day to get it basted! It's a lot less messy using basting spray if I can do it outside. 

For the quilting, I decided to use the serpentine stitch (number 4 on my Bernina) elongated to 3.25. 

I was anxious to see how it would look densely quilted, so I did a small section to get an idea. 

And then!! I ran out of thread!! Can you see where? I had to wait a couple of days for the thread to arrive. 

Love the texture!

All done and ready for our bed!!

I love everything about this quilt!! I really want to make another one, but I have a few more quilts that have been waiting for a long time to get finished. 

Thanks for stopping in!! 


  1. Your quilt is beautiful. I love the quilting. You are a very patient quilter, it seems like that would take a very long time. I have been doing a bit of quilting on my machine on small projects to get prepared for larger projects. Thanks for sharing your project.

  2. That looks fabulous. I love that stitch for quilting.

  3. Wow, Amy, what an accomplishment.....even more so, having been quilted on a home machine ! Kudos to you, girlfriend ! Wonderful job !

  4. How you kept all those circles in such perfect shape amazes me! Your quilting is beautiful too! ---"Love"

  5. Oh wow!! It's beautiful and I love that serpentine stitch!! Now I'm noticed, I'm going to go going a quilt that's sitting waiting to be quilted.
    Love it!

  6. Wow your quilt turned out fabulous and I love the serpentine quilting and how scrunchy and cozy it makes it look. Your back is cute too. Great job.

  7. Beautiful, and I just love the quilting you did on it. Also love seeing these big, fuller pics on your blog post. This pattern really makes those fabric pieces shine. Enjoy, Amy!

  8. Amy, well done. I love the quilting that you chose. It looks beautiful.
    Look at you, focusing and finishing. Wow. I am trying to finish stuff too.
    We have not had any rain, and it has been hot and humid here. Typical weather for the swamp
    Today was a fun day and it was not hot; I hope you are enjoying fall.
    Love, Rosemary

  9. What a treat when I opened my email! I love your quilt, and I think your choice for quilting it is perfect. Did you use the plastic templates or freezer paper or something else?

  10. That looks so good!!!! And to use the 'matching' Denyse Schmidt fabric makes it even more special.
    I want to do this one, but I will never finish it. I know my limitations :)

  11. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Amy, I love it! That's my favorite quilting stitch, lol - I have the same on my Viking. All that gorgeous texture is perfect for the quilt design. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Amy this is gorgeous! I love how you quilted it and I agree the texture that the quilting created is beautiful . . . it's a lovely quilt and reminds me of a spring garden of flowers. Thank you for the verse you left on my blog . . . it was just what I needed. God's word is so powerful and comforting :)
    God bless you,
    Connie :)


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