Glacier National Park

August 6, 2019

The highlight edition.

The animals...

Mama Grizzly Bear and her 3 cubs taking a stroll outside our motel room window. She walked right under our window. So close I could have touched her! The cubs took a tour of a crawl space under the building for a while. The rangers had it all under control and made sure people were in their rooms or getting to a building until she moved on her way. After they left, the crawl space openings were covered up with boards. 

A bull moose eating at Fishcap Lake. Two female cows were there, too. 

A mountain goat at Hidden lake. 

Going abroad...

I have never left the country before, so it was a thrill to visit Canada. We spent the day at Waterton. 

The beauty...

Hidden lake

Mountain meadow in full bloom near Iceberg Lake. 

Iceberg Lake. My favorite hike! When we came over the rise and saw the beautiful blue lake with the ice floating in it, the beauty took my breath away and I cried...

We attempted to hike up (and I mean up! 1800 foot elevation gain) to Grinnell Glacier. We were so close! We estimate about a mile or mile and a half away, but the trail changed into a cliff edge walk. I made the mistake of looking down and that was it for me. I have no regrets. I know if I had gone on I would have been in terror the whole time. Mistakes happen in that state of mind. 

Grinnell Lake

 Beautiful trails...

 And lots of waterfalls! This one is Running Eagle Falls in Two Medicines. In the spring it falls over the rocks. In the summer, it runs under the shelf and looks like it is coming out a hole, as it is now. 

We laughed when we realized my purple shoes matched the purple rocks in the mountains...

Tomorrow, my granddaughter Brooklyn arrives to spend a few days with us! Sewing is on the itinerary! 😁


  1. What great photos! Looks like it was a great trip!

  2. What beautiful scenery, Amy! Lovely, lovely trails and close-up wildlife - so thankful you stayed safe. Enjoy your time with your granddaughter - and sewing a little something with her :)!

  3. I did the old people tour of Glacier and Waterton last week (have my mom and dad in tow). LOL Thanks for sharing the spots where I didn't get to go

  4. Amy, I love your adventure pictures. It looks cool and fresh out there.
    both of you look healthy and happy. I am glad you see these snappy pictures.
    I love hiking, and I take my daddy most places today that are not too treacherous.
    Enjoy your grand girl. Fun times

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos of scenes I'll never get to see! I really enjoy your blog. ---"Love"

  6. Amy you look great! Your trip looks amazing, such beautiful pictures.
    Love and Hugs

  7. Beautiful pictures from what looks like a wonderful trip. We just returned from a trip to Hawaii and we saw many beautiful sights. I will have to share a post about our trip. Enjoy your sewing time and your time with your granddaughter.

  8. Beautiful! Looks like a fantastic trip

  9. Wow - God's country for sure - those pics are amazing!!!!! I'm so glad you had a good time! And girl, you are not old enough to have a granddaughter....


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