Easter and Love You More ~ Finished

April 22, 2019

 Our Easter Sunday was beautiful! Often times our Easter weekends are rainy. It was so nice to have a very warm and sunny day! We took advantage of the perfect weather and got outside to enjoy it as much as we could. We started our morning out by driving to Waldo's Rock Park to watch the sunrise. 

Russ slid into the cleft of Waldo's rock. I couldn't do it. Makes my knees go to jelly to think about being enclosed like that. Cool photo op, though!

After we walked around the pond, we went home to get ready for church. Our church, Northbrook Baptist Church, had the most beautiful Easter service I have ever been to. It was amazing...

After church, we went on a 3 3/4 mile hike at Squire Point in North Liberty, Iowa. Our trip to Glacier National Park will be here before we know it and we need to take advantage of the nice weather so we can continue to get into shape for those mountain hikes ahead. Besides hiking in the area, we also began preparing for Glacier at the beginning of the new year by changing how we eat. I mentioned it on this post in January. As of yesterday, I have lost 28 pounds and Russ has lost 31 pounds! It makes hiking much easier on my knees and hips, that's for sure! I am two pounds to my original goal, but I am thinking I may adjust my goal and lose 5 more pounds. Well, see...

Flowers I saw on our hike yesterday. 

Looking ahead to the spring and summer months, we are anxious to get our T@B out and enjoy the outdoors. We hope to take her out for the maiden voyage this weekend. 

Finally... A finish! Yay!

You can find more details about this quilt in last month's post

I took these pictures before spring had sprung in Iowa. My gardens are in full bloom now, and mowing has begun for the season. I am so happy to see flowers and green grass! It was a long and brutal winter and I am grateful to say "see you next year!" to Old Man Winter. 

Next time I will share about the Summer Moon Block of the Month I started. Until then, may your heart be at rest. 


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. Hard to believe that there was snow on the ground last Sunday, then a lovely Easter yesterday.

  2. Such a sweet quilt. Love the organic quilting and the backing!

  3. Lovely quilt, and awesome weight loss. Your Easter sounds peaceful, and being out to enjoy the beautiful world God created makes it extra special.

  4. Glad your Easter day was enjoyable. Mine was, also. Love your little camper! We have been camping for a good many years and now have a Class C Motorhome. Can't wait to start again for the Season!

  5. As we get older and wiser, it is good to stay in good shape. I am so happy you are getting buff. It is better for your heart too.
    I am proud of you.... forgoing the cakes, cookies, pie, chocolates, ::::drools::: no really
    I know you can eat those yummy things sometimes, just not all of it at once hahaha

    I would NOT have gone in that crevice. I have snakeophobia. and spiderophobia.
    Haappy Easter and Happy Spring.
    Your quilt is adorable I love it. I need to finish my huge quilts and then I am going to focus on easier stuff


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