What is and isn't happening...

March 18, 2019

There are times when I think I may say goodbye to this little blog of mine, but I can't seem to let it go. Not yet anyway! 

So, here is what is and isn't happening around here... 

This quilt is a shop sample that I really need to get quilted today!! I have been procrastinating. The pattern is Love You More by Kati Cupcake.  I tweaked the pattern a bit to eliminate unnecessary seams and I like it much better. 

The spare bedroom closet is beginning to overflow with UFOs!! Most have the backs already to go and only need to be basted. Most of them are baby quilts to be donated. When the weather warms up, I will have a power basting day outside and get them finished up.

My poor neglected Zuma project is languishing! I have 7 of the 30 blocks pieced. Everything is cut and ready to go, so I just need to get to it!! I lost steam with the passing of my father-in-law and the holidays.  

Coming up, I am going to host a Block of the Month using the new book by Carrie Nelson, Summer Moon. I am using my stash of fat quarters by Lella Boutique, Nest and Farmer's Daughter, that have been sitting for far too long and some Grunge to mix things up. I love the cleverness of this sampler quilt. I look forward to getting this done.

Okay, I have procrastinated enough. It's time to get the top quilted!! 

Have a sweet day!! 


  1. Don't shut down your blog!!!!!!! I miss your posts.

  2. My goodness you have some scrumptious projects going! And that bus - how fun!!!!!

  3. Love your blog - hang in there. I can relate to the unfinished projects and stacks of fabric waiting for me. It's a blessing to all of us that you share your journey.

  4. You always have such gorgeous projects. I hear you though about sometimes just not having much to say or share.

  5. Please don't give up your blog! Just post when you have a moment...no one will judge you for a lack of posts. We all have such busy lives so everyone would understand. Your blog is such a lovely respite from the crazy world. It gives me peace when I look at it!

  6. So who is driving? Do you need a special license to operate that beast?
    It does look nice. I assume your area has a need and desire for quilters to get out of town haha
    I adore your hanging charity quilts. Soon there will be a good day. I pinned two baby quilts last week-end right on the carpet... it worked/whatever
    Your Zuma blocks are beautiful, Amy, and I wish I lived close by, I would be your special student needs hahaha

  7. I hope you won't give up your blog too. I always enjoy reading it. ---"Love"

  8. You are so organized, I am so impressed...and I too hope you don't give up your blog

  9. I think we all have moments of giving up the blog thing, but I'm not ready to do it yet. There are too many good memories on there. I hope you keep it up and running even if you only occasionally post. That is quite a pretty picture of UFO's that hopefully someday you can finish. xo

  10. I love reading your blog, but I totally get the "do I keep it up" debate... I find that I'm much more apt to post on IG, because I can easily do that on my phone - but I need to transfer photos to the computer to update my blog, and it doesn't happen...

  11. How did I miss this Post?? Yes, please don't shut down your blog - I so enjoy seeing what you are up to - you are an inspiration, and one of my quilting motivators :)! I know the feeling with UFO's - as soon as I have a place to 'tuck' them away - they stay there for a looong time. Looking forward to seeing your Summer Moon quilt blocks.


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