Happy Valentine's Day and Queen Bee

February 14, 2019

💘 Happy Valentine's Day! 💖

February is my month to be Queen Bee for the Sew Sweet Bee club. It only makes sense to have my bee sisters make some heart blocks for me, right? Or you could say I was overthinking what block to have them make and I finally landed on the one that makes the most sense because of Valentine's Day landing in February. Or, I lack imagination. Or all of the above. 😉  No matter, I chose a darling ombre heart block created by Julie @ The Crafty Quilter. Here is the link to her tutorial: Ombre Heart Quilt Block Tutorial. I asked for them to make them in any combination they chose of various red, pinks or a mixture of the two, with low volume or off white background. I hope they will all go together well enough to just sew them together and make a baby quilt for donation. I am waiting for them all to get there before I make my own blocks to add to the mix. 

Made by Lisa12822

Russ and I don't go all out for Valentine's Day, but he always buys me a card and candy. He is thoughtful that way. This year, he bought a really cool card! No candy since that is not allowed on Keto. 😶 I didn't buy him a thing but trust me, I love up on him every day! 💝

Have a sweet day, and be kind to everyone you meet. You don't know what kind of heartache they may be dealing with.  


  1. What a 'sweet' post! Hope you had a great day! ---"Love"

  2. What a sweet, sweet card! We too keep things very simple. Everyday can be Valentine's day - right :)! The lovely heart block pattern you chose is beautiful. Each year I include heart quilts into the mix - they are always special. Also love the cute extra gifts that are sent along with the blocks. Enjoy, Amy!

  3. That card is just the sweetest and so pretty! I love your heart blocks, too. Happy Valentine's Day (a day late.)

  4. Great blocks and Happy Valentine's Day, the card is awesome.

  5. Wow, what an awesome card, love the block.


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