Vintage Holiday ~ No Point Stars


Remember when I mentioned in my last post how I was going to reward myself with a fast and easy quilt out of Vintage Holiday?

And I was not going to overthink about it??

Here it is!!

I need to get it basted and quilted before Christmas!! 

Get it done! ~ Summer Moon BOM


Summer Moon was a block of the month I started last April. I was super excited to make this one! I dove right in and cut everything out. I got it all organized and wrote extensive notes on post-it notes in the book. I quickly sewed the first two months blocks and then...

I was over it...

I'm not the only one who does this, right?? 🤷‍♀️ 

 The setup for Summer Moon's block of the month program has you make 3 different blocks in 3 different sizes. So actually, there were 9 blocks to make in a month. This was part of the reason I stalled. I was overwhelmed to the point where I seriously considered scrapping it altogether. If I hadn't had all the pieces already cut out, I probably would have. Instead, I set it aside until I was ready to tackle it again. 

Last week, I decided to test the waters and make one block in all three sizes. It went together fairly painlessly and I gained my confidence back. I made a few more, and a few more after that. Several days later, they were all finished. Really! It took far less time to finish that I thought! I find it to be true about a lot of things, the actual job takes far less time than what I think it will. I overthink about far too many things and psych myself out. 

Now that the blocks were finished the next step was to get them all framed. The cleverness of how this quilt is assembled is what made me want to make it in the first place. And, now I was really loving this project again and excited to see them completed.

I don't even mind that I lost a few points on some of the stars. 

And here they all are!!

Until I am ready to baste and quilt it, I am leaving the blocks unassembled.  

As a reward, I am going to break open the Vintage Holiday fat quarter bundle 
to make a quick and easy Christmas quilt.🎄😄 No overthinking allowed!

iMac ~ Retired


 iMac is now retired...

For the past 10 years, my iMac has never given me any trouble. None. The only thing wrong with it is  it's outdated and hasn't been able to be updated since 2015. When I bought my MacBook Pro 4 years ago, it became my main machine, while my iMac was mainly used for streaming TV shows while I sewed. For the last couple of years that had become a frustrating endeavor. Nothing was clear and often the computer would freeze. Time for a change...

Now I have a Roku stick to stream Netflix and Amazon Prime on a Sony monitor. It has made watching TV a much better experience. 

I am not ready to fully let the iMac go. It can still do computer things, it just can't do heavy graphics, so it got moved to the upstairs office. 

And speaking of retirement...

I retired in July. It seemed silly to make a fuss when I had only been working for 5 years and part-time, at that, so I never mentioned it. That's the reason why I have been able to get so much sewing done lately. I miss the ladies and the creative energy from the shop, but I am so happy to be home again. My days are filled with keeping the home, sewing, and Bible studies with my church friends. 

I am content, happy...
and grateful.

Fig Tree and a Rainbow


Fig Tree is done and ready to be enjoyed!! I think it looks pretty laying on the grass with the colorful leaves. 

I quilted it with orange silk thread on the front and Aurifil orange thread on the back. 

I also finished the 25 patch rainbow quilt I made last February and got it out of the to-do pile and into the done. 

My to-do pile is really small now! I feel far less overwhelmed and more ready to tackle the Summer Moon BOM, the Zuma Shimmer quilt and maybe start a Christmas quilt out of Vintage Holiday now that Christmas is around the corner! 

How are you all doing with your to-do projects? 

Sweet Pea


I am back with another finish of sorts. Not only was my goal to finish the tops that I had finished piecing, but to finish the projects that have been cut out and partially pieced. This one falls in the latter category. This project also meets another goal of mine which is to make a top with the patterns I have purchased over the years but have never been used. Fortunately, I don't have too many of those because I am not a pattern or quilt book collector. I am very picky about what ones I buy. 

Last April I chose Sweet Pea by The Pattern Basket pattern to showcase my stash of Lecien's Flower Sugar fabric. I had the blocks all cut out and sorted. All I needed to do was sew. I took a couple of weeks to do a few here and there between my other finishes. 

Gotta love my design floor! *wink*

I love the bright and happy colors!

I decided to not add the final border that the pattern calls for, so it finishes at 48" x 57".  A very nice baby size quilt or lap quilt. 

I have it basted and ready for quilting, but I don't know how I will quilt it yet, so I am going to let it sit for a while. In the meantime, I want to go through my patterns that haven't been used yet and see which one catches my attention. 

Thank you all for your encouragement! Have a happy week! 

Fig Tree ~ Disappearing 9 Patch


It's time to share what I made with these beeauties! 

When I originally bought the charm packs, my intent was to just sew them together in a simple patchwork style, which would have been perfectly fine, but I decided to mix them up a bit more and make a quilt out of them using the Disappearing Nine Patch instead. I had 252 charms and I needed 270 for my project, so I added some coordinating solids from my stash. 

I made 30 nine patches total. In each of the nine-patches, I placed a solid charm in the middle which will be the small squares when it is cut into fourths. If you are not familiar with the Disappearing Nine Patch, be sure to check out this link to see how a Disappearing Nine Patch is made. 

 Instead of keeping each of the cut nine patches together by turning two of the blocks and resewing them together again, I mixed them up with the other nine patches that I cut. I wanted each of the blocks to have four different colors of the solids. They are the little squares in the upper right-hand corner. 

Now the four squares are sewn back into a bigger patch. See how scrappy they are now? That was what I was going for!!

I really wish I had a design wall, but the floor will have to do! 

The finished top! It finishes at approx 66" x 79".  Perfect fall colors, don't you think? 

I had nothing in my stash that would work for the backing so I bought this yardage from the Farmhouse II line from an Etsy shop. I love the blue color...

The Disappearing Nine Patch is a super quick beginner-friendly stash buster pattern and it always looks so cute! Charm packs are perfect for this pattern! 

Do you have a favorite charm pack pattern that you like to use? Please share! 

2018 Sew Sweet Bee ~ Finished


Introducing my 2018 Sew Sweet Bee quilt! I began quilting it last November. I don't know why I waited so long to get back to it. *shaking my head* It took less than a day to get it finished. 

It finishes at a perfect cuddle size of 65"x65" and it will be used a lot this fall and winter! 

This is my last finish for a bit. All the tops that had been basted are now all on the finished pile. Yay!  I ran out of batting and I can't baste the few tops that are still waiting, so guess what I can do now? Yup! Start a new project!! I have had these six Fig Tree charm packs in my stash for over two years. It's time to open them up, mix them up and make them into a quilt. =) Stay tuned!

Simple Pleasures ~ Finished


This sweet quilt I made sometime in 2016. The pattern is Simple Pleasures by Brenda Riddle and the fabric is Ambleside also by Brenda Riddle. I love this pattern! Simple patchwork quilts are my favorites...

I quilted it with free form wavy lines and the binding is scrappy. 

My WIP pile is shrinking! =) That means I can start another project soon! 

2018 Temperature Quilt ~ Finished!


I am so happy to have my 2018 Temperature quilt finished! I love this quilt so much...It's such a happy quilt! 

The backing is by Tula Pink called Free Fall. 

I kept the quilting very simple by using the serpentine stitch only the grid. 

Below you will find the spreadsheet charts I used for my quilt in case you would like to make one. =)

Sew Together Bag updated and other projects


After I finished the Free-Wheeling Single Girl quilt, I got on a roll and have been working like the energizer bunny getting things that have been sitting around done. 

The longest project waiting to get my attention was my Sew Together Bag that I made in 2014!! I never liked the binding that I used on it and the zipper was not a good one. I kept it hidden in a cupboard all these years and never used it because I didn't like it. You can read about my Sew Together Bag here if you want. 

This is the before...

And this is how it looks now! So much better, don't you think?! The binding and zipper that I have been dreading to redo these last 5 years, gave me no trouble at all! I am no longer ashamed of it! In fact, I want to make another one!!

I also made some journal covers for notebooks just for fun. This one is going to be used for keeping track of quilt ideas and notes on the quilts I am working on. The pattern I used is the Quilted Bible Cover tutorial by Amy Ellis.

My traveling journal got a new cover, too. 

Last spring, I basted 3 baby quilts and then they sat. Here are two of them. The third is waiting for binding. 

 The center block of this quilt was a test block variation I was trying out and it turned into an orphan block. I snowballed the corners and framed it out until it was big enough to use as a baby quilt. 

This baby quilt used the leftover half-square triangles that were cut off in the making of Love You More quilt that I made in the spring

After taking almost 3 months off from playing in my sewing room, I seriously wondered if I would ever enjoy my hobby again. I still have some projects I need to get to that I am not super excited about. I figure they can sit until I am. In the meantime, I am only going to work on things that bring happiness. 

Next time I will share the two big projects that I finished! 

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