Sew Sweet Bee 2017 - Friendship Love

November 1, 2018

I finished my 2017 Sew Sweet Bee quilt this week. 
You can find the tutorial for the Friendship Love block here

The carpet of leaves look pretty...

My label along with the label made by Denny @laughsewgarden

This weekend we will be busy raking up the pretty carpet of leaves. *wink*


  1. Amy your quilt turned out beautifully my dear. This is such a sweet block.

  2. That is one of my favorite quilts you have made. I thought I was doing leaves. But God had other plans....means I have to stay in an sew and clean.

  3. I love the heart stars. This is a sweet quilt. Happy colors.
    This fall is really bright and happy. I love our maple trees that look like they are on fire!!

  4. I loved the first glimpse of the quilt - and then I saw the stars in the block centers - SO sweet!


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