Turning Points Pillow - A Shop Sample

October 8, 2018

This weekend I made a pillow using this pattern. ๐Ÿ˜€ It's a paper pieced pattern, but very simple so don't let that intimidate you. 

I chose a charm pack of Grunge Stars for the triangles and a natural linen and cotton for the background. 

I messed up on the first quadrant by not reversing the colors. I forgot paper piecing turns things backward. Oh, well!๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Halfway done!

All quilted! 

All finished! The blog where the tutorial was shared on how to make a Quilted Zipper Pillow Cover no longer exists, but I had a copy that I placed on Dropbox. Let me know if the link works for you.

One of these days I'll share my progress on the Free Wheeling Single Girl quilt. Sewing curves is a first for me! 

What have you been working on? 


  1. Amy, your pillow is so beautiful. I am completely awed by the neatness of your piecing and quilting. The home ec teacher would be so proud of you!!!

  2. Your pillow looks so pretty with those rainbow of colours and design! The backing fabric is just perfect for it. I'm busy sewing from some free books and patterns I received. Always glad when they are 'little' quilts :)!

  3. What a cute pillow. I definitely need to order that pattern. I keep thinking...I hate paper piecing, but I keep doing it. LOL

  4. Your cushion is gorgeous - and beautifully finished :-) I think I may be ordering this pattern too!

  5. That is so cute!! I've never made a zippered pillow cover, it sounds intimidating, lol....

  6. I love the lighter tone back ground fabric you chose, than what is on the pattern package.
    This is really pretty, actually kind of a masterpiece.

  7. Que precioso por su colorido y su viveza ,me encanta, enhorabuena.
    Me he podido meter al enlace de la cremallera del almohadรณn.
    Muchos besos


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