Free-Wheeling Single Girl - Progress

October 18, 2018

The Free-Wheeling Single Girl Sew Along is nearing the end. I am very thankful for Sewtopia, The Next Stitch and Denyse Schmidt for hosting this fun sew along because I don't know if I would ever attempt to make this quilt without their tips and support. They saved this amazing pattern from languishing in my stash.  
As I mentioned in an earlier post I chose to use mostly Denyse Schmidt fabrics with a bit of Moda Grunge and Cotton & Steel in the mix. 

For a while, I toyed with the idea of changing the background to Grunge Fig instead of Kona Snow. I like how it looks together, but I needed a second opinion.  The consensus was the Grunge Fig was too prominent and took the eye away from the rings and I really wanted the rings to shine. 

I let the blocks sit like this for a long time. I was very nervous about sewing those curves!! 

Some of the time I used glue to put the pieces together and other times I used the pinning method. My 2 cents. When using the glue method, my sewing was more accurate but took longer to put them together. Pinning them was faster, but I was less accurate because the fabric shifted, even with a lot of pins. In the end, I used the pin method more often. I knew that they were all going to be trimmed and I had 64 of these blocks to make with two curves to each block. It would have taken forever to use the glue method. The key to sewing curves is to take your time. They are not as hard to sew as I feared. 

I am glad I used Kona Snow. I like the traditional look. ๐Ÿ˜Š

My next decision was what to use for the backing fabric. I loved the sheep in the Cotton & Steel Panorama line, so I bought half yard cuts of each color to audition which one I liked best. They all looked good! 

I gave hubby the choice, since this quilt will be on our bed eventually, and he chose the PINK! Yay! 

I have all 16 circles made, but there isn't room to lay them all out! Each circle is 22"! It's going to be a big one. I haven't decided how big to make the border. I do know I want it to be square so it can lay on the bed in any direction. Until I decide, I am not going to sew them together. Easier to store a pile of blocks instead of a large quilt top. ๐Ÿ˜„

Have a great fall weekend!! 


  1. Beautiful Amy! So glad you chose the Kona Snow - it really make the beautiful circles stand out! This will look lovely on your bed with the cute backing!

  2. It is beautiful, and I love the way the Kona Snow makes those ovals pop! ---"Love"

  3. Gorgeous. Love the colors and the fig is awesome, but the white makes it pop!

  4. Yeah, I saw it on Instagram
    This quilt is very happy and wonderful. I love the colors. kind of like the coat of many colors haha
    I hope you have a fun happy week-end. Same old stuff here, run around town.
    I just started a ..... EPP Kingfisher quilt project. I am nuts. I never should have dippped my toes in here.... it kind of yanks my OCD. What a mess my sewing room is.
    I am going to dad now, I think we will go for a walk in the fresh air, finally

  5. LOVE this - and yes, the rings really pop on the Kona Snow, the Fig would have been too much. That backing fabric is too darling for words, and really suits you!!!


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