Giant Swoon

September 12, 2018

I made an oversized (52"x52") Swoon baby quilt earlier this year for the class I taught. I finally got around to getting it quilted and it's now ready to be gifted to some sweet baby.  =) 

Have a happy day! 


  1. Did you have a pattern or just up size the pieces?

  2. That is so cute, and your quilting is beautiful! Some little one will love it! ---"Love"

  3. How gorgeous is that! Well done, girl!

  4. It turned out great, love this idea for a baby quilt!

  5. Love this giant size swoon block - perfect for those bigger print fabrics. Lovely quilting too :)!

  6. this looks superb Amy. This is really a big happy block.
    I am making a bunch of stars for a baby quilt.
    My oldest daughter is bossy and picky but haha if she does not like the quilt for Lauren the newborn, then I just say "ok I will give it to Lizzie for her babies" haha
    I know this baby quilt will be greatly loved and make a happy day for a little tiny tot


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