Spiced Chai - A Confidence Building Quilt

August 10, 2018

I needed to build my confidence after the quilt fail I had last month. Something fast and easy was in order. I settled on the Spiced Chai pattern found in Vintage Quilt Revival

My original fabric choices were all Grunge by Basic Grey: (top to bottom) fig, lime punch, tangerine, sunflower, grey paper, silver, cordite, black dress and white paper. 

As you can see, the grey paper fabric was way too light. Not near enough contrast. Notice the green-blue block in the upper left corner. I ran short of the fig color to make a second block for that spot. I added a green-blue Grunge from my stash, I have no idea what the name of that color is. 

I placed the leftover scraps from the other two greys over the too light gray blocks to see how it would look.  

So much better!! I only had to do a little bit of rearranging! 

Quilting in progress....I used a grey and white variegated Aurifil thread. 

And the finish!! 

It took me three days to get this one done, start to finish and the quilting went so well. It was a relief to not have any issues at all! 

Love these colors!

Making the Spiced Chai quilt gave me the confidence I needed to get the binding on the Ombre Gems quilt and let it shine just the way it is. It really is beautiful...Faults and all...

I am going to take another break from sewing and quilting to get some much-needed painting, and other home maintenance things done. First up, painting my bedroom! It's been at least 10 years since we painted it and it needs a serious freshening up. 

Until then, have a happy weekend and sew on!! 


  1. Nice quilt and nice quilting on it, too. Have fun painting!

  2. Oh Amy - it is beautiful!! Love the focal point blocks of light coloured leaves in among the darker ones. What a lovely quilt for Fall or anytime of the year. Love the quilting you did on it. Yay - for your finish on the Ombre Gems quilt - another beauty. Enjoy your painting and have a wonderful weekend!

  3. With Autumn just around the corner, your spiced chai quilt is perfect. Soon it will match the leaves on the trees. I love the ombre gems quilt too. Done is done, perfect or not. Great job! :)

    1. Thanks, Elin! I am very happy the ombre quilt is done. =)

  4. Wow you whipped that one up quick! Very pretty! So do you just quilt it on your regular sewing machine?

  5. Oh goodness that's gorgeous - what a fast quilter you are! Love your Ombre quilt as well!!!!!! I'm saving your picture of the lastest quilt hanging so I can do that too, perfect way to hang quilts. I have a whole wall to cover in the living room, and I want to make panels of quilts to cover it.

  6. What a beautiful quilt. You just snapped this one together.
    I love both of the quilts now, Amy. Sweet
    Have fun painting. I need to move faster.... I have three rooms to paint.

  7. LOVE that Spiced Chai quilt! I'm hoping to make one someday too... I hadn't thought of using Grunge fabrics for it - what a great idea!

  8. It looks great. I really like the colors you've chosen. Great choice. The end result looks great! Thanks for a great post! Creating these articles is at a high level. I hope that another article will be available soon.

  9. This quilt has been on my must do list for some time. Thanks for sharing your quilting, you inspire me to keep trying when it comes to quilting my own projects.


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