Rocky Mountain National Park

July 29, 2018

Last week, Russ and I spent a lovely week in Estes Park, Colorado to visit the Rocky Mountian National Park. This was my first trip to Colorado and it did not disappoint! 

The scenery was breathtaking! 

 We went on day hikes to Gem LakeEmerald Lake and Ouzel Falls. We met such nice people! 

Ouzel Falls
We saw some very interesting plant life on our trip. I half expected to see a gnome near this mushroom!

Amanita Muscaria
As for wildlife, we saw a bear, many marmots, a snowshoe hare, bighorn sheep, mule deer and elk. Seeing wildlife is my favorite part! 

Alpine Visitors Center
We took a  drive up Trail Ridge Trail on one day. I do admit that I had a moment where I wasn't sure I could take the ride up the mountain. My fear of heights was getting the best of me and I was psyching myself out. The original plan was to go all the way up to the Alpine Visitors Center and then down the other side to Grand Lake, turn around and come back. I was afraid I would get to the other side of the mountain and be too afraid to come back home! We compromised by going up to the Alpine Visitors Center and then coming back down again. There was a section that was a bit scary, but overall it was easier than I expected. Since it went so well, on another day, we took a drive up the more rugged original road, the Old Fall River Road. That was a very beautiful drive!! 

Waterfalls everywhere! 

Snow, shorts, and sandals!! 

Enjoying the tundra!

My favorite hiking pal...

The rest of the time we relaxed and enjoyed the many shops in Estes Park. It's a beautiful town...

We are already planning our next summer vacation to Glacier Park!  

What National Parks have you visited? Do you have a favorite? 

On a sad note: While we were there, we were made aware of a missing hiker, Brian Perri. It appears his body was found earlier today. My prayers are with his family and friends...


  1. What a beautiful park! Your photos are gorgeous! I haven't been to any american parks, but Banff and Jasper in Alberta are amazingly beautiful too - God's handiwork is evident everywhere you look!

  2. Such beautiful pics!! Snow, shorts and sandals - now there is a combination :)! So thankful you both stayed safe. So sad to hear of the missing hiker.

  3. Love the mushroom picture!
    If you ever get a chance go out to the Pacific Northwest. That area is beautiful! Olympic National Park is fantastic. Ocean, a rainforest!

  4. It looks like a great park! I love seeing the wildlife from the car, not so much while hiking. I get nervous in the car on narrow roads in the mountains. Most don't even have guardrails!

  5. beautiful park. thanks for sharing.

  6. Looks so pretty! We went to Zion for a half marathon but we didn't get out and walk around since everyone was too sore lol.

  7. Oh my gosh, Amy, you are so pretty
    Thanks for sharing your hiking adventure. I am a little jittery about heights, but bears....
    I would need an emergency rescue button

  8. What lovely photos! Great shots of both you and Russ. Glad you had fun!

  9. I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful pictures of your vacation. Wish I could go back again, but I know that won't be possible. God did some incredible creation there, didn't He? ---"Love"

  10. Wow gorgeous. There are so many beautiful parks it is difficult to choose a favorite Great pictures of you both.

  11. Hooray! Glacier is beautiful --- I think you'll really enjoy it. We'd like to go back! We stayed at the Lake McDonald Lodge (it's worth every penny in my opinion!) and the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn (my dad was not such a fan, but it's really close to the major hiking trailheads). I loved the Red Bus tour up that we took up Going to the Sun Road. It was spectacular! If you've got time, the Glacier Boat Tour Company does a really neat scenic boat tour in and around Many Glacier. The reflections off the lake are fantastic! Eek! Definitely need to go back..... {grin}

  12. I love seeing where other people live, and the different flora and fauna specific to their countries. Definitely don't see bears in New Zealand, or snakes luckily.


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