Two more removed from the waiting list

June 21, 2018

And one more added!! 

First, the two that are finished...

This one was made with my far too large stash of Simplicity by 3 Sisters that I collected years ago. I am determined to get it all sewn up and used!! If anyone loves this fabric and would like some, please let me know!! 

I also have busted most of my Pam Kitty Morning stash and got this Perfect Ten quilt all quilted up and off my to-do list. 

I chose to do a variation of my free-form wavy lines by adding a second free-form wavy line on top of another to create a look like a streamer or a ribbon. 

I like how it looks! 

Now for the one that got added to the to-do list!! 

I spent most of Saturday trimming up the Ombre Gems blocks and got them pieced into a quilt top! I am very happy with how it turned out!! It's far from perfect, but much better than I feared. 

 This quilt was a good growing experience for me. I used fabric I was not comfortable with, stuck to a quilt-along schedule (ie: didn't rush to finish) and made a top with blocks placed on point. It's good for me to make a quilt top that is a challenge every once in a while. It's a confidence builder, when it turns out good in the end, that is. *wink*

Until next time!! 


  1. Your quilts are amazing and your certainly met your challenge to do something that you were not comfortable with and yet did it to perfection :) I love seeing new quilting styles and I'm going to remember your kitty quilt and try that ribbon stitching. It's very pretty. I've been so busy with yard and garden that I've had little time for stitching, hopefully I can squeeze in a little time soon. On the comment you left on my blog you said that my roses were glowing . . . I was able to take those photos while the sun was shining through the back side of the rose. It does make them kind of glow . . . thanks so much for stopping by to visit.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Connie :)

  2. All your quilts look awesome. I love them all.
    Nice job

  3. Yay - two done - that always feels good! I still have some Pam Kitty Morning panel blocks, and I love what you did with yours. Your Ombre Gems quilt top is so lovely!! I didn't realize it was on-point till you mentioned it. I struggle with on-point layouts :) - my brain likes things systematically in rows! Beautiful finishes!!

  4. That ombre gem quilt is gorgeous!

  5. I have had very little time for sewing lately but I hope to get back to it soon. I love 3 sisters fabrics, I think that quilt is my favorite of your latest finishes. They are all beautiful, happy summer!

  6. The first one is coool and pretty. The second one, that is such a cutie quilt. I love Pan Kitty.
    Quilt #3, yes, a nice challenge quilt on so many levels. You get an A+ from ME❤️👒

  7. I absolutely love those 3 Sisters Simplicity fabrics and the gentleness of your finished quilt. I used them in a couple of prayer quilts and then kicked myself for not ordering more.

  8. Dang girl, those are fabulous - all so different, and all so gorgeous!!! Well done! I really like your ribbon quilting!

  9. Your Ombre Gems quilt is seriously one of my all time favorites! So so pretty!

  10. LOVE the quilting on your Pam Kitty quilt! I just may have to try that...
    Your Ombre Gems looks pretty fantastic to me!

  11. Nice quilts and top. I got to see some of the blocks you've made for exchanges, when I was at Missy's this past weekend (for the TOGA).

  12. Oh my gosh, what fun quilty glad I stopped by.

  13. Gorgeous quilts. I like how the Ombre Gems turned out.

  14. I love that kitty fabric, so cute!


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