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May 24, 2018

All of the blocks for the Ombre Gems Quilt Along are done, but as you can see, I have not gathered up my courage to trim them. I really need to just do it and let it be what it will be. It will be really pretty when it is assembled, even if I lose a point or two or ten. 

In Sew Sweet Bee news,  Dori @ The Red Feedsack is our Queen Bee for the month of May. She asked for a scrappy courthouse steps block. 

I am keeping up with my temperature quilt! I have another row almost ready to add to it. Look! New colors! That means warm weather has finally arrived in Iowa! Yes!! I love summer! 

Now that the warmer weather is here, I need to get outside and baste a few of the quilt tops that I have been allowing to stack up. I need to get them done! I don't like having more than 4 tops waiting to be quilted and I have at least 9 (not counting the two quilt where the blocks simply need to be sewn together). 

Okay, I just talked myself into getting at least one of them basted! 

Have a happy weekend!!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful blocks - and what a pretty temperature quilt progress. Looks stunning with all those vibrant colours. Yes, spring/summer has arrived here too. Don't worry about the points in your Ombre Gems quilt - it will look lovely when done. I too have a 'few' quilt tops ready and waiting for those final touches - and itching to cut out the next :)!

  2. I have a quilt like that just need to square up blocks. I am right there with you about having so many that need to just be quilted. I am really behind on my temperature quilt.

  3. Gorgeous blocks, and oh how I love that temp quilt!!! It's warmed up here too, 91 yesterday and again today, yikes, lol! From winter straight to summer. I too have quilt tops piling up, but at least they're small....

  4. Ohhhh each one is prettier than the last. Wow, so nice.
    I hope you have a super wonderful fun week-end Amy.
    It is HOT here - stupid hot. So, I am up for anything that includes air conditioning
    ....and sewing.

  5. Looking forward to seeing your Ombre Gems quilt! I'm still considering doing it, but I have SO many WIPs, and can't see how I'll get the urgent ones done (soon), as well as the others I've got almost done...
    It's great to see those warmer colours in your temperature project!


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