More Sew Sweet Bee Blocks

March 16, 2018

Almost all of my Sew Sweet Bee blocks have arrived! Now, I have been calling them Pinwheel Stars because of the little pinwheel in the center, but I knew there was a name for this block, but I couldn't remember. Then, one day it hit me...It's a LeMoyne Star, but not made traditionally with diamond pieces and set in with Y seams. I feel pretty silly for not figuring that out until weeks later!! Can I still call it a Pinwheel Star?? 

This block is from Cassie. =) She has darling things in her Etsy shop, so be sure to check it out! Seriously love the charm pack she sent!!

This one is from Jane. Aren't the pins cute? 

This block is from Kim and she surprised me with thread gloss from @robotmomsews. It smells heavenly!! 

Last, but not least, is this beauty from Luanne. I always welcome more Bonnie and Camille fabrics in my stash. =)

When the last block comes, I will take a picture of all them together. I am excited to get this one put together!! 

Have a happy weekend!!


  1. Pinwheel Star is a great name for this block! Love all the pretty blocks coming your way. I especially love how when you lay out your quilt - you will be reminded of all your friends, what a precious memory and keepsake! Enjoy all the extra goodies - what joy!

  2. Your blocks are gorgeous. I got all my bee blocks the other day. We do 2 blocks each. So I have 24. I keep thinking I want to make 6 more to have a bigger quilt.

  3. Sweet colors chosen for all. I love them!!
    Happy Week-end Amy.

  4. Cute blocks. I saw lots of cute sheep while traveling (again) over the past week+, and thought of you each time.


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