Swoon baby quilt - Quilted

February 16, 2018

Wednesday I did a talk/demo on how to baste a quilt and how to quilt using a walking foot. Since it was my first time to teach, I wasn't really sure what to do and how to teach it. I ended up taking a lot of quilt samples of how I have quilted quilts using my walking foot and did very little in the demo part. It was a good class, but next time I will have students bring their machines and have them practice on some small quilts, too. 

So, the Swoon quilt I talked about here that was to be my demo was brought home and I finished it up today. 

The lines are approximately 3/4" apart. All organic quilting with no marking. I just eyeball and go. 

The quilting lines in the sashing are a little closer together. I use the seams in the quilt as my guides for the first pass. I really should take pictures of my technique sometime, huh? 

The texture will be awesome after it is washed...

Next week I am teaching a class on how to add a binding all by machine. I will be using this quilt to show how I do that.  

Have a happy weekend!!


  1. I LOVE this. That's how I do it too - just use the seams as a guide, then eyeball it. Well done, Amy!!!

  2. I love how this looks on your beautiful swoon quilt. I've never tried this on a quilt yet - though I often do a diamond shape on little table toppers. I'm always too anxious to get the quilt done by the time I get to the quilting stage. I need to slow down and try a few different designs (and enjoy this step more) :)! Thank you for sharing this, Amy!

  3. This is beautiful Amy. This is the only way I know how to quilt my creations.
    I love that you taught a class. I would be there, but I might not be your best student
    I like this kind of quilting, and not too dense or it feels too stiff
    Have a fun week-end. I am going to try to be perky. I need to see my daddy this afternoon.

  4. oh that looks fabulous. I love how it turned out.


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