Sewing Room ~ mini update

February 6, 2018

I decided the other day that I needed to change things up a little bit in my sewing room. I have been looking at this wall hanging for a very long time. It was time to make something new to hang in its place. 

What could be more perfect than Thimble Blossoms original Spools quilt pattern? Some of my most treasured  Bonnie and Camille scraps are in this quilt. 

Saturday I spent the day making a sewing machine cover for my Bernina. Nadra @ Ellis and Higgs wrote a great tutorial. It is written in German, but Google translate is helpful in figuring it out. It took me longer to decide how to design it than to make it. I did forget to curve a couple of the corners, but it looks okay and it isn't worth the time and energy to undo the binding to fix that, right? 

For the ties, I used twill ribbons from Moda fat quarter bundles. I have a box full of them! 

The back side of my cover...

The two tutorials can be found here: 

Have a happy day!


  1. An AWESOME fun room. So very bright and inviting! Love your hangings, desk runner and sewing machine cover.

  2. Amy I love seeing you sewing room. The B and C quilt is beautiful. Such a great choice. I know it feels good to change things up now and then. (feels fresh) Love your sewing machine cover. Thank you for sharing I may need to make one of these.
    Blessing and Hugs

  3. Beautiful sewing machine cover! The lovely Spool Quilt is still on my to-do list. Love your change over. I too have 3 jars filled with twill ribbons - maybe it's time to make some bags :)!

  4. Great updates, love the spools. Your sewing machine cover is lovely. No one would know if you hadn't said anything. :D Great idea to use the fat quarter twill ties. I save them too. Have no clue why. LOL

  5. Nice! I want to visit and hang out there with you.

  6. Oh yes, gimme that spools quilt now
    That is so cute. I have so many scraps I could make 100 of those spools
    Your machine cover is beautiful. Just perfect.
    And more adorable fabrics used. I have one of those cute boxes with the see through top.
    I put all of my heavy duty button thread spools in it.
    I hope you are having a fun day today. Here it is raining and sleeting and this has been an annoying winter

  7. What a cute and cozy sewing room you have! I have my row along quilt in a bedroom on the wall :) I love your little pink tree! I love the Bonnie and Camille quilt you just hung, really beautiful! Your sewing machine cover is great, I really need to make one :)

  8. It's always fun to do something new in our sewing spaces. Nice cover.

  9. love your room update. your sewing machine cover is darling. wanna come over and redo my sewing room??? LOL

  10. Love it! Your room looks so sweet! The sewing machine cover is great - I really need to make one [or two].


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