February 26, 2018

Since my post in January when I shared my new traveler's notebook and my Lamy fountain pen, one more traveler's notebook has come to live with me and two more Lamy Al-Star fountain pens have been added to my collection, which is super fun...I love my fountain pens. I have learned so much from Brian Goulet @ Be sure to check them out!  

But my most favorite find is this book called a Journible

You copy Scripture on the right side page and the left side is used for taking notes. I love this whole idea and look forward to writing very day! 

Note: I only share items that I love and I am not compinsated in anyway for sharing. =) 

Have a happy Monday!! 


  1. I love the clever.

  2. Amy, Thank you for sharing this book with us. I love this idea and the journals are reasonably priced. Can't wait to get mine!!!

  3. This journal looks great...I am definitely going check them out. Thank you.

  4. Hooray for Journibles! I'm quite fond of those... {grin} A friend of ours is the mind behind them and we were his guinea pigs for the first Journible (Proverbs) in our college Sunday school class. We've worked through several in our Ladies' Bible Study --- they are excellent! Amazon has them and you can also order them through Reformation Heritage Books ( I'm uber geeked to see my worlds colliding like this. What a happy day! {grin}

  5. Pretty pens!!! That Journible thing is very interesting - I can hardly write anymore, too much arthritis, typing is so much easier for me. I miss it - I think I was born with a pen in my hand, lol.

  6. I love the idea of Journible, and writing with a fun pen makes it that much better. I got one for each of my adult kid's and my older grandgirls. These were their Easter gifts, and mine to myself. I didn't expect the grandgirls to want them, so now I have to order more! What site is best to order them on? Which one is best for the creators? I like to go as direct as possible. thanks for your blog, I love your quilts and then the journible! Lory


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