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January 10, 2018

A few years ago, I tried to use an Erin Condren planner. Big fail for me!! The planner itself was very nice! But it was not what I needed. This year, I discovered traveler's notebooks. Now, this is working for me!! 😄

I bought my traveler's notebook from The Leather Quill Shoppe. Isn't it pretty? The color is Turquoise Trail with a natural wrap in an A5 size. I also bought a Lamy Safari fountain pen to use for my writing. What I like about this set up is you buy notebook inserts and put them in your traveler's notebook. There are hundreds to choose from. It can be overwhelming. Once I decided how I was going to use my traveler's notebook, journaling, and Bible study work, I knew I needed two inserts and chose these Midori notebooks. Once they are used up, you buy more inserts. Pretty cool!

Right now I am reading Jen Wilkin's book, Women of the Word and studying through 1 Peter. I find that reading out loud and copying the Bible helps me to get a better understanding. I have a very difficult time with remembering what I have read. Not just the Bible, with anything! Repetition is a must for me to get an understanding, as well as using as many of my senses as possible. I have been far more consistent with my Bible reading/studying with this setup. In the past, when I tried to read the Bible in the mornings, my mind would wander so often and I would forget what I just read, so I gave up. Reading out loud and writing the Word is so helpful to keep my mind focused and engaged. Perhaps this idea will be helpful to you, too...

If you want to learn more about traveler's notebooks, just do a Google search. Be prepared to be overwhelmed with information!! I had no idea what they were before last month and what a huge big deal they are. There are tons of blogs on them, as well as YouTube videos. Of course, if you have any questions, you can ask this newbie and I will try to answer the best I can. 😊

Also, if you are interested in the world of fountain pens and ink, Goulet Pens is the place to start. They have many videos on how to use them, clean them and reviews. I love my Lamy Safari fine point pen. In fact, I have an extra fine point Lamy Safari fountain pen in my sights. 😉

How many of you have or have heard of a traveler's notebook? How do you use yours? 


  1. I stink at journaling. I do have a Bible that has 4 different versions in it. Many times I read all 4 versions, so that I get a better idea of what the verse is saying.

  2. I too find I need to read my bible out loud to concentrate. Love hearing about your method and the tools you use. I'm not the best at journaling, but often will write down questions to ask and discuss later. I do like to highlight passages, and will often write down dates in the margins now. No matter how often I reread the chapters and books over the years, there is always something new that pops out and becomes important to me. Thank you for your post, Amy - it has been a blessing!

  3. Amy, see, you are amazing. This is such an admirable endeavor. I do not journal, I have no time for journaling.
    I try to read scripture but I can never keep a regular pace. I do pray a lot.
    Yesterday I spent 6 hours with my youngest dayghter's tiny daughter 4 months old Lena. She was not happy to see me because she only loves mommy right now. So, I managed to change her diaper and show her some toys without too much drama. I will come out again next week. I love this tiny age.
    Today I spent 4.5 hours with my oldest daughter's 2.5 year old tornado daughter. She was just wild, loud, threw her lunch around the kitchen, frightened the kitten. Sarah is hilarious and fun but she can be exhausting.
    I just pray a lot. I forget things, misplace things and nibble on too much snacky food.
    Today my hubbs was an angel and took my very hard of hearing 94 year old dad to some sleep clinic place where they did an interview and set up more appointments.
    I hope the weather is not terrible for you.

  4. Interesting!!! And should you want to know anything about fountain pens, my son is rapidly becoming an expert - he has at least 100 vintage fountain pens, lol! He's even started repairing them for pleasure. Your journal is just gorgeous.
    I did a bible study one year where I read the same 3 chapters of a book each day, for one month. REALLY increased my understanding. Also, I have a bible search software that is awesome, it's free and it will show you every verse with your chosen word in it - say you want to understand clouds, you type in cloud with an asterisk, and it will show you every verse. Or type in "sin". Or anything. It's incredibly helpful! I too have trouble memorizing, or even remembering...if I can remember one word of the verse I'm thinking of, I can find it with that software.

  5. I've only read blog posts from Jen Wilkin, but I really like her. I am going to a women's conference this summer and she is doing a workshop. I am very excited!

  6. I read 2 different short devotionals a day. I keep hearing that you should memorize the Bible. I think it would be a great way to learn it. Even if you only write one verse a day that speaks to you out of a chapter. Now I think I need one.

  7. I like to let the YouVersion app read out loud for me and then I read along...except when I'm driving, of course! {grin} I'm teaching thru the gospel of Mark this spring for our ladies Bible study. Praying that the Word will take root in my heart and God will continue His good work in me. I'm excited to study Christ through the eyes of Mark!

  8. I love this!! I also have a LQ (Turquoise Gem) and Jen Wilkin is one of my favorite authors, hands down! I find Scripture writing to be very helpful as well and I’m a Goulet Pens fountain pen junkie, too. I think the SMELL of the LQ makes the Scripture writing so much more inviting. It’s such a sensory experience with that amazing leather smell drawing you back in!!

  9. I’m going to have to check these notebooks out. I’m reading through the Bible in a year this year, except each day I read two days’ readings so I’ll read through the Bible twice this year if that makes sense. I read out loud too. I think it helps me concentrate plus speaking the Word of God is powerful. I’ve been writing down the verses that speak to me in a regular notebook but that’s too hard to take with me so I’ve wanted to find a pretty little notebook that fits in my purse. I want four sections though-one for the OT, one for the Psalms, one for Proverbs, & one for the NT. Will four notebooks fit in one of these journals? I’m off to google traveler’s notebooks. Who knew there was such a thing?! Thanks for sharing.


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