Happy 2018!

January 8, 2018

2017 left with me working on the petal quilt. It's set aside for now until I decide if it is done or if I want to try to wrestle this queen size quilt under my needle again and add some more quilting. You can read more about this quilt here and here. No matter what I decide, I already love it!

My favorite Christmas present, an Apple Watch...My hubby is thinking about getting one, too, now that he sees how much I use and enjoy mine. =) 

As a side note, Camille updated her Swoon pattern since I bought mine when it was first released. It is much easier to follow and the pieces nest nicely! *big thumbs up* 2018 started out busy and fun! 

Until next time, may 2018 bring grace and peace to all of you!

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  1. Es preciosa!!!! el acolchado a hondas es muy adecuado, feliz año a ti también, sigue cosiendo y mostrando tus trabajos

  2. Love your Christmas gift! Love the quilting on your Petal Quilt. It is like ripples moving out from those centre clusters. Have fun teaching your classes, wish I could sit in :)! Your Swoon blocks are beautiful! Happy 2018 to you too Amy!

  3. Love your quilting on the petal quilt. Like your watch. I broke down and bought a cheapy step tracker type watch. Which reminds me to keep moving. Oh your swoon sample is gorgeous. Updated pattern huh? Maybe I will have a chance to drag out mine and work on it this year. :D

  4. I love your petal quilt. A petal quilt is on my list to make some day. I would love to take the classes you will be teaching. The quilt sandwich and quilting part of my projects is something I have not done much of and machine binding a quilt I could use a few tips. I have not yet made a Swoon quilt but have the pattern and it is on my list also. Happy New Year!

  5. Such pretty quilting on your petals!! Is that a smart watch? I'm going good to just get my phone to work, lol...wish I could come take some classes from you, girl, your Swoon blocks are gorgeous!

  6. Hi Amy, Happy New Year!
    I am so glad to hear that you are off to a roaring start. I love the petal quilt too, and your quilting is exceptional.
    I like your watch, its that an apple watch or android? I have no idea. It does look very very trendy and brilliant.
    Your swoon blocks are beautiful.
    I love them together they look so fancy.
    Let's make this year a good one. Focus on courage and confidence.
    I have so much to do, I just need to keep organized

  7. The quilting is great on the petal quilt. Call it done.


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