Traveler's Notebooks

January 10, 2018

A few years ago, I tried to use an Erin Condren planner. Big fail for me!! The planner itself was very nice! But it was not what I needed. This year, I discovered traveler's notebooks. Now, this is working for me!! 😄

I bought my traveler's notebook from The Leather Quill Shoppe. Isn't it pretty? The color is Turquoise Trail with a natural wrap in an A5 size. I also bought a Lamy Safari fountain pen to use for my writing. What I like about this set up is you buy notebook inserts and put them in your traveler's notebook. There are hundreds to choose from. It can be overwhelming. Once I decided how I was going to use my traveler's notebook, journaling, and Bible study work, I knew I needed two inserts and chose these Midori notebooks. Once they are used up, you buy more inserts. Pretty cool!

Right now I am reading Jen Wilkin's book, Women of the Word and studying through 1 Peter. I find that reading out loud and copying the Bible helps me to get a better understanding. I have a very difficult time with remembering what I have read. Not just the Bible, with anything! Repetition is a must for me to get an understanding, as well as using as many of my senses as possible. I have been far more consistent with my Bible reading/studying with this setup. In the past, when I tried to read the Bible in the mornings, my mind would wander so often and I would forget what I just read, so I gave up. Reading out loud and writing the Word is so helpful to keep my mind focused and engaged. Perhaps this idea will be helpful to you, too...

If you want to learn more about traveler's notebooks, just do a Google search. Be prepared to be overwhelmed with information!! I had no idea what they were before last month and what a huge big deal they are. There are tons of blogs on them, as well as YouTube videos. Of course, if you have any questions, you can ask this newbie and I will try to answer the best I can. 😊

Also, if you are interested in the world of fountain pens and ink, Goulet Pens is the place to start. They have many videos on how to use them, clean them and reviews. I love my Lamy Safari fine point pen. In fact, I have an extra fine point Lamy Safari fountain pen in my sights. 😉

How many of you have or have heard of a traveler's notebook? How do you use yours? 

Happy 2018!

January 8, 2018

2017 left with me working on the petal quilt. It's set aside for now until I decide if it is done or if I want to try to wrestle this queen size quilt under my needle again and add some more quilting. You can read more about this quilt here and here. No matter what I decide, I already love it!

My favorite Christmas present, an Apple Watch...My hubby is thinking about getting one, too, now that he sees how much I use and enjoy mine. =) 

As a side note, Camille updated her Swoon pattern since I bought mine when it was first released. It is much easier to follow and the pieces nest nicely! *big thumbs up* 2018 started out busy and fun! 

Until next time, may 2018 bring grace and peace to all of you!

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