Taking photos while the sun shines...

November 25, 2017

Fall in Iowa this year has been filled with wet and cold days and dreary gray skies. Today is sunny, so I grabbed the quilts I finished over the last few weeks so I could get some pictures of them while the sun was shining! 

I pulled out my hoarded Flea Market Fancy (Denyse Schmidt) scraps and made a small baby quilt. Oh, how I loved this fabric!! I wish I had bought more of it when I had the chance! 

This next quilt is a hard one to photograph no matter the weather. I think all the white makes it hard to capture the colors accurately. 

In person, it is a really sweet and fun...

All it needs is a little girl to love it! 

This quilt is very similar to this one I made earlier this year. The Perfect Ten pattern is a great way to use up those panels! 

This is one of two matching quilts I made for gifts for Christmas. They are both packaged up and ready to give, otherwise, I would get better pictures of the both of them. At least I got one picture, even though it's not the greatest. I don't work with batiks very often, however, every time I do, I remember how much I love working with them! The pattern is a free one and a great way to use fat quarters. The extra bits left over from the fat, I made into the border. Every bit of the fat quarter got used and I love that! You can find the pattern here: Stashbuster Quilt Pattern

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!! 🦃 Let the Christmas shopping begin!! 

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  1. You are making great progress. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Chris

  2. Great quilts! The few times we've had sun, I've forgotten to take pictures of my latest finish.

  3. Lovely Quilts Amy! Each one is very eye-catching. Especially love the first one with all the little bits of 'window peeks' in between the background fabric pieces.

  4. Your quilts 'shout' home, comfort, love and security. Simply beautiful. xxx

  5. I found your email post. in my junk folder. I was horrified, but so glad I discovered it.
    I have been finding a few things mysteriously ending up in my junk box. I always check.
    computers already have minds of their own I guess... evil minds
    Well, these quilts are adorable. Amy, just beautiful work. Well done

  6. Very different quilts, but all very nice! I especially love the 3rd pattern - thanks for the link to it! I have a stash of batiks...!

  7. Que bonitos quilt, me encantan sus coloridos.
    Enhorabuena y besos

  8. Amy, these are some great quilts. I especially love the fat quarter gift quilts!


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