Red, white, PINK and blue...

October 27, 2017

I should have known better. I should have prewashed or, at the very least, tested the red fabric to see if it would bleed. I did not and now I have a red, white, PINK and blue quilt. *sigh* Yes, I used a color catcher, but it obviously wasn't enough. Now, this quilt isn't a gift for anyone in particular, but I did want the option to gift it to someone if they wanted it. With the color bleed the way it stands now, I don't have that option. In other words, I am not devastated at the color bleed, but it is disappointing. 

As I was studying it this morning, I found it curious to see how some of the whites really picked up the red, but some didn't at all! 

 Some of the colored fabrics weren't affected and others got duller

I rewashed the quilt a couple of times with synthrapole in the washing machine, but I didn't see much improvement. I went to bed last night accepting that it would always have a pink tint to it and it would become a car quilt. However, this morning, while I was taking pictures to show you all the "pretty pink," I recalled an article that I had saved called, Save My Bleeding Quilt by Vicki Welsh. I figure I had nothing to lose, so I am giving it a try! 

It has to soak for at least 12 hours. I will give you an update on how it goes. 😀

Linking again to Vicki's article, in case you missed it. 😊

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  1. Glad you found Vicki's article about bleeding colors. Keep soaking it until the colors come out. I learned back in the 40's when I was in 4-H and not having the variety of fabrics that we do now to pre-wash every fabric. I had a piece of aqua fabric from a well known quilt shop and I never did get it to stop bleeding. So an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  2. Sorry for your problem, but I think the pink is just fine anyway; not what you wanted for sure, but it will be okay in the long run. Thanks for the link. I've printed it to put in the cabinet with some of my old quilts from the 30's that have never been used or washed. Maybe the hint will save me or someone else a lot of grief! I always enjoy you blog posts. ---"Love"

  3. Que preciosos quilt estas creando !!!!
    con esos coloridos

  4. All Sheep are not alike, right? will be fine as you sit on it eating watermelon next 4th of July!!...and getting compliments that will make you a "sparkler"!! You Rock Amy!!

  5. Hope the method works for you. I, too, had red that bled onto my quilt. I had pre-washed the red and thought the bleeding was finished. I used Vicki's method except that I did use my washing machine because the quilt was not too large. It worked perfectly. I was ecstatic.

  6. How in the world does that happen in this day and age - I hope you can save it hon, it's truly gorgeous.

  7. Now I am waiting for the next post to see how it turned out. I am not a prewash person....don't like the strings, having to iron, I like the sizing in the fabric, sometimes it helps make it easier to use. I am sure it is just a matter of time before I have a quilt that does that. Especially with how much red I use.

  8. So, so sorry about your quilt! Thank you for the link - I'm going to keep it handy, just in case. I started to pre-wash all my fabrics - usually in cold water with some salt, before taking them to my sewing room. I had a nasty experience with some red fabric, that just didn't want to stop bleeding, so.....! Hope it all comes out, and that your quilt is just red, white and blue again :)!

  9. Should you decide you don't want a car quilt, I would be happy to take it off your hands! :) I think it's beautiful, pink and all. I hope this soak removes the pink for you.

  10. A quilter's worst nightmare! Thank goodness you got the red out. And thanks for the link to correct bleeding. I've read it and bookmarked it, because you just never know....

  11. I didn't pre-wash the Minkee on the back of a baby quilt I made (I'd pre-washed all the fabrics on the front). That baby quilt was for a boy, but, had to be given to a girl, instead, and I had to make another one for that baby boy. I pre-wash Minkee, too, now. If the fabric catcher comes out with color, I treat all those fabrics with Retayne, and test again, afterwards, with another color catcher. I did a load of reds the other day, and, even after using Retayne, the fabrics wouldn't stop bleeding (I used way more than it calls for).


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