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October 26, 2017

My orange peel quilt that I talked about on this post, is now a finished top. It measures at 94" x 94", which will fit nicely on our queen size bed.  I am dreading the basting part of the process...Ugh!

I chose to use a blanket stitch for the applique and the thread I used was 80 weight Quilters Select thread which I loved!! It is so fine and very strong. I'll be using it again! 

The Print and Piece applique paper in the orange peels, make the quilt very stiff at this point. It was a little difficult to wrestle with as I was putting it together.  

Since this photo was taken, I added a 4" white border. I wanted the blocks to float. I still need to figure out what I want to use as a backing and binding. I do love how it turned out and I look forward to cuddling underneath it! 

I finished the red, white and blue quilt I made last May. I am all ready for next 4th of July! 

I began quilting without thinking about what thread was in my bobbin. I got too far along to rip out what I had done and switching to red bobbin thread. Oh, well....For the binding, I used the serpentine stitch, just for fun. I like it and will do that again! 

Anyone else going to be Instagram stalking the peeps that will be at market this weekend? I can't wait to see what fabrics will be coming our way next year! 😀

Until next time, happy sewing!

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  1. Such beautiful quilts! Love the cute bird panels surrounded by the friendship star blocks. You did a wonderful job of laying out your orange peel quilt blocks, and I love how you used white and tan for the background squares. Such a pretty 4th of July quilt with this star pattern. Someday......I need to make a red and white quilt :)!

  2. The bird quilt turned out lovely. The orange peel did too. Love the colors you chose. Of course your red white and blue is adorable.

  3. I have always been drawn to the orange peels applique quilts, but forgot until I read your post! I may just have to add this to my Bucket List. How much of the stabilizer did you have to buy to create this queen-sized treasure? Definitely a long-term project - yours is gorgeous!

  4. Love the red, white, and blue! I've been saving some Cosmo Cricket from WAY back for an Independence Day quilt. One of these days...... {grin} And, I'm on Instagram now, so yes, I hope to get some sneak peeks! @meandthed

  5. I love the bird quilt and the quilting is perfect. I am always inspired by what you have been working on. I have not completed much lately and my machine is giving me trouble but I keep plugging away. That orange peel quilt is just beautiful!


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