Strings, Triangles and Hiking

September 7, 2017

Good Morning! Autumn is most definitely in the air in Iowa these days. Very cool mornings...I'm always sad to see summer go, although fall is a very beautiful season here in the midwest. I have been in the fall cleaning mood, so most of my time has been spent getting some of that done, although I did get some fun play time in and I managed to get a couple of tops off my to-do list. 

This baby quilt is made with the left over half square triangles from this quilt

I used Moda Grunge Peony for the back. 

The binding is Moda Luxe Brushstrokes in black. I am trying to convince myself I don't need to buy more of this fabric, but I am not fully convinced. 

I also finished another string quilt. I still have more blocks in a box that need to be made into a top! 

In other news, Labor Day weekend we took a trip to Effigy Mounds near Marquette, Iowa. We have been doing a lot of hiking this summer and we are always looking for a new trail to explore. This is one we will come back to again. The trail is beautiful! 

These mounds you can see, but the rest need a high vantage point to get a clear picture of the bears and other animals depicted by the ancient peoples. Still very beautiful! 

There was a tornado earlier this year in the area and you can see some of the damage that occurred during that storm. 

As I was looking out at one of the overlooks, I saw a bit of movement out of the corner of my eye on the fence. When I looked down I saw a walking stick bug! I could have watched him all day! 

Right now I am stalking my postman waiting for a fabric delivery for a project I am excited about. I am still working it out all in my mind. =) When I get it all settled, I'll share more about it!

Until next time!! 

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  1. Love the suntanned feet. Great way to quilt the string quilt. I'll have to remember that.

  2. 2 great finishes especially loving the string quilt beautiful. Never seen a stick insect what a joy to come across one

  3. I am with Cheryl you suntanned feet are so cute. Lovely quilts and love the binding. I can see why you would want more to use. Sounds like a great hike. I love places like that. Enjoyed seeing your friend Mr. or was it Ms. Stick bug.

  4. Beautiful finishes. Especially love how you put sashing in between your string blocks - really sets them off. Also love how you made such a beautiful quilt from your leftover HST's - so pretty!! You had some beautiful trails to hike on - and the walking stick bug - so interesting. Now I will need to take some closer looks on my next walk.

  5. I love your baby quilt, and the original quilt as well! And your pink toes match perfectly! So fun to see a Walking Stick - such an unusual creature.

  6. Que bonitos!!! Te han quedado preciosos, son quilt que yo quiero hacer pero aun no llega su momento.
    Enhorabuena y besos

  7. your feet, hahahaha so cute.
    What a nice adventure. I love walking stick bugs. we have them here.
    Your finished projects are incredible. I feel like a snail.

  8. Beautiful finished quilts. The sashing on the string quilt has me re-thinking a stack of blocks I have waiting to be sewn together. Your stick bug anecdote was great. I love seeing that kind of thing too.

  9. Such beautiful uses for scraps and leftovers. A string quilt is on my bucket list.

  10. LOVE both of those quilts! I've got a lot of triangle saved up to made an HST quilt - and of course, I want to start it NOW!! (See what you made me do? ;-) )
    I haven't seen a walking stick bug in AGES! Thanks for snapping a photo to share!

  11. The baby quilt is stunning. Love the HST quilts, and yours makes me to remember where all my plans gone... Thank you.

  12. Amy your quilts are beautiful, and your quilting is just perfect. That is a lot of HST my dear, and what a great idea. I am starting to get into string blocks. They are sew much fun. Love seeing your adventures. What a pretty place to hike. O my gosh I have never seen a stick bug he is so cool.
    Hope you have a great day sweet friend.

  13. wonderful baby quilt....and your pictures


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