Orange Peel Quilt

September 14, 2017

Making an orange peel quilt has been on my "I want to make" list for a long time. A few weeks ago when Julie @ A Crafty Quilter released a couple of blog posts detailing the different ways to applique. It was the push and encouragement that I needed to get started. 

Here are the links to Julie's posts that detail the different ways to applique:

The method I have chosen to use is the turned edge technique demonstrated by Sharon Schamber's daughter, Cristy @ Sew Much Like Mom. Cristy made several videos that take you step by step on how to do the turned edge applique that really helped me to gain confidence that I could do this and have it turn out well. 

The next decision was what fabric to use. I have plenty in my stash, but none was really what I was looking for and I had in the back of my mind on making this one a big one for our queen sized bed. I figured if I was going to go all out, I wanted special fabric and one fabric I have been wanting to try out was cotton lawn. Sue Daley's Linen and Lawn by Penny Rose was perfect! The colors are so bright and cheerful! After playing with the lawn, I want more in my stash! It is wonderful fabric. So soft and light and yet strong! It feels so good and it is easy to work with. 

For my quilt, I am using the Fat Quarter Shop Orange Peel 5" template and tracing them on Quilters Select Print and Piece. If you haven't heard of Quilters Select Print and Piece/Print and Piece Fuse Lite, it's a paper like product that is partially water soluble. When you wash the quilt, half the fibers will go away and the others that are left will create a bit of loft under the applique. That's the look I am going for. Next time I will use the Quilters Select Print and Piece Fuse-Lite. It would have eliminated me having to use a glue stick to get the fabric to stick on the orange peels I cut out.   

According to my math, I need 324 petals! Lots of tracing and cutting! 

I love my applique pressing sheet. It keeps the glue off my pressing table and then washes off the sheet easily. 

Here is a picture of the backside of one of my finished orange peels. 

Eventually, the orange peels will be appliqued on a four patch of Essex linen in natural and Kona snow. The four patch will finish at 10". I will be making 81 to make a 90"x90" quilt. At that time I will decide if I want to add borders to make it a bit bigger. 

This is not a quick project to be sure, but it's one I am excited about. =) 

Have a happy Thursday! 

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  1. WOW! Thank you for all the details and encouragement. I am another quilter who has been that a good way to say scared to death try applique. Will you be hand stitching or machine quilting the applique?

    1. I am going to machine quilt mine or it will never get done!! 😄

  2. what a project you have on the go here. Good to see you are doing needle turned applique I can not do it myself but wish to learn how to as I prefer it to the raw edge type, best of luck cutting all those petals

  3. A fun project for sure with all that lovely fabric. You placed those orange peel pieces perfectly. This will look lovely on your bed when finished. Love a project that you can do a few blocks at a time - or many - just as your time and heart desires. Have fun!

  4. going to be the fabrics


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