B.I.G. bag!

August 10, 2017

Monday I made myself a B.I.G. bag. I used the free pattern by Nana Company called Riverside, except I super sized it. Why? Well, Tuesday I was teaching my first class at Cotton Creek Mill on how I bind my quilts fully by machine and I needed a bag to haul my sample and the quilt I was going to use to demo my technique. It was perfect! I have a feeling I will find many uses and excuses to use it. =)  

The stats:
28" across the top
21" across the bottom
19" tall
7 1/2" deep
Straps are 30" long

 photo 2015_sig_zpsfk5a9zt3.png


  1. Gorgeous - love the fabrics, and yes I bet you'll get a lot of use out of it!!!

  2. Great bag. You can never have too many bags.

  3. Beautiful project!! and I am sure will be used a lot !

  4. So super cute!! Love the fabrics you used for this. I will have to check out the pattern - thank you for sharing the link and the measurements you used for your bag.

  5. Quilt and supplies need hauling. This lovely bag is just beautiful, Amy.
    I love it. You can carry this proudlyπŸ˜€πŸŽˆπŸ’•
    Today is friday and hubbs and I are driving to South Carolina to procure a kitten of the cornish rex breed. It is a girl kitty. I hope she will be a happy friend for Miles.
    Have a happy week-end Amy. I love you fancy dear friend

  6. I think it is perfect for its purpose, and can think of many more. Gorgeous fabrics.

  7. You can never have too many bags! This if super fun, I love the fabrics and the size.

  8. Pretty! I need to try some bigger sturdier bags

  9. Hey, that's a pretty bag - love the polka dots with the floral.


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