Anniversary Weekend and The Great American Eclipse

August 22, 2017

Saturday, Russ and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. Yay us!! It was purely by accident, but we can pretend that all that we did this busy extended weekend was an extended celebration of us!

Thursday we went with friends to the lovely Paramount Theater to see Tim Hawkins. If you have never heard of, don't walk...and Google him and watch some of his videos. He is hilarious!!

Saturday was spent on the motorcycle. It was a day trip touring around the Yellow River Forest area.

But the big event was on Monday! The day we had been waiting for...The Great American Eclipse! We traveled to Missouri to get to a place to watch where we could see the eclipse in totality and it was so worth it! I did not take many pictures because I wanted to soak up as much of the experience as I could without looking at my phone. 

I took this one picture of Russ as he was looking at the sun just as it went behind the moon and we could look without the glasses. 

The picture doesn't show how dark it really was. The street lights came on, the cicadas began to sing, and the ambient light was eerie. It was amazing to see the sky in sunset mode 360 degrees around us. But, seeing the sun covered by the moon...Wow...I was so surprised to see how just the tiniest sliver of the sun showing lights up the earth was surprising! It showed to me just how powerful the sun is! That's why you need to go to a totality zone. It's a whole different experience. There really are no words to describe it...I am still in awe of the spectacular beauty and awe of God's majesty that was on display in such a magnificent performance. 

source: NASA

In April of 2024, there will be another eclipse that will touch parts of the US. Russ and I are already making plans to go to that one, too. We are thinking of traveling to Texas. We shall see! 

In case you haven't seen this great quilt called Eclipse Sky that was designed by Canuck Quilter Designs just for The Great American Eclipse, I thought I would share. I think it is pretty special. You can read about it on her blog Canuck Quilter Designs

Thanks for stopping in and sharing life with me. =) Next time I will get back to sharing some quilty goodness! 

Have a happy Tuesday!! 

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  1. Happy Anniversary! We'll be celebrating 30 years next month. Hubby was in Wyoming, and saw the total eclipse with NASA scientists. There was total cloud cover over my house, so, nothing, not even light thru the pin hole viewer 99% of the time.

  2. Happy Anniversary Amy! You must have been in a different part of Missouri than we were. The clouds played peek-a-boo during the partial phases, and a huge bank of them rolled over about 5 minutes before totatlity. My astronomer husband was quite dejected...but a tiny hole formed about 1 minute into totality, at the just the right time to give us about a minute of viewing. Wow! Thanks for sharing my quilt :)

  3. We went to Western Kentucky to view it in the path of totality and it was awesome. Just like you described, and I didn't get photos either. The 360 degree sunset effect was something I didn't expect. A bonus for me was that we made a weekend of it and I got to visit Hancock's of Paducah as part of my eclipse viewing trip. Would have been worth the trip just for the eclipse, but that was a nice extra!

  4. In Northwest Wisconsin we had a cloudy day. Six of my grandkids and I were outside with two welding helmets just in case the sun would break through. Everything became extremely still. No breeze at all. Suddenly a bit of sun shone through enough for excited kids to pass the helmets around to watch the partial eclipse. Once a teacher always a teacher. We had acted it out before it occurred. They were thrilled to watch!! (Me too.)

    Happy Anniversary! This was year 43 for us!

  5. Happy Anniversary, what a cool way to spend it.

  6. Happy Anniversary Amy - I think this will be one you remember always!!

  7. Oh that guy was funny. haha vacuum. hahahaha
    I love the eclipse photo
    I went to my dad's retirement palace, Ashby Ponds and we all had glasses. in No Va we had 85% so it was pretty cool. Your anniversary was really romantical

  8. Happy Anniversary! What an awesome sight and experience you had. I can imagine, that no picture does it justice. Love the Eclipse Sky Quilt pattern!

  9. Lots of fun going on over that quilt...she did a fantastic job.


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