Yellowstone Vacation

July 31, 2017

Warning! Vacation photos, but only a few. =)

We enjoyed the wildlife...(I was disappointed to miss seeing the wolves and bears. Next time!)

the colorful springs...

the exciting geysers...

the relaxation at Shoshone Lodge and Guest Ranch...

and breathtaking scenes and snow on Beartooth Pass

The very best part was being together...

On the trip home, we stopped to see Dignity in Chamberlain, South Dakota. So beautiful!

If you are planning a trip to Yellowstone, the Gypsy Guide app for Yellowstone is a must have!  Having our own "personal tour guide" made our trip more enjoyable and we saw things that we would have missed. I highly recommend it!

We also visited Devil's Tower, Battle of Little Bighorn, Buffalo Bill Cody Museum, and the Badlands. Aren't you glad I only shared a few pictures?! ;-) 

Have a happy Monday!! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your vacation. I've been to Yellowstone National Park a number of times but it never gets old. It's an amazing place. I love the "Dignity" statue. What a great interpretation by the artist. Thanks for the heads up about the apps too. I'm just learning how to navigate my IPAD and any help I can get is more than welcome.

  2. Did you do any of the Yellowbus tours? I LOVE doing those and those guys are SO GOOD at knowing where the wildlife can be spotted!! They all stay in touch with each other and send out 'alerts' of what can be seen where. I could go to Yellowstone over and over and never tire of it! Maybe one day I'll do it in the winter.

  3. You live in such a gorgeous, beautiful country. This is high on my list for a trip to the US. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the info.

  4. Love the pictures, we were there in June.

    1. It is beautiful! I would love to go back again someday. =)

  5. Thank for sharing! Always wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park. So glad you had a wonderful time - and yes, the best part, is just being together!

  6. Thanks for sharing. Love Yellowstone, and you saw lots of critters.

  7. I have never been to Yellowstone
    It looks very nice. Amazing to see animals, big animals. I bet there were a lot of spiders too. eek.
    Welcome back home. Everything is waiting for you :-)

  8. Never enough pictures from vacation - looks amazing!!!! Love that pic of you and hubby, that's a framer for sure. I just saw that "dignity" statue on facebook, lol!! How cool to see it in person.

  9. How fun, I'm so glad you had a great trip!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures of God's incredible creations. ---"Love"

  11. Yellowstone is definitely on our list! It's so far away, I think I'd need 2 weeks. What was your favorite place? Least favorite?


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