Road Trip and Red, White and Blue

June 8, 2017

Happy June, everyone! I love, love, love summer! I love the heat and I love the sun, so I am a happy camper these days! I can't be outside enough during these sweet summer days. =) 

Last weekend we hopped on the motorcycle and took a trip south to what has become an annual trip for us to Missouri Star Quilt Company. This was our 4th visit to this famous quilt city and it never disappoints. I went with a plan this time and chose my purchases carefully.

My stash is severely lacking in two colors. Yellow and orange. I found a nice amount of yellow to add, but the orange is still an issue. I am sure I will find more options when I visit other shops on our travels this summer. 

I also picked up a couple of templates. I have plans for them, but you will have to wait to see. =) 

This year I am determined to make a red, white and blue quilt. One block done, 19 more to go! This one finishes at 12".  

I am normally not this organized, so I impressed myself by getting all the blocks cut out and in stacks. I just need to start sewing. It would be nice to have it done by the 4th of July, but lets be real. ;-D

Do you have any summer travel plans? 

Have a happy Thursday!!

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  1. I saw the cutest sheep, on my trip the past 2 weeks. The body was done in yo-yo's instead of wool. I wish I could remember where I saw it.

  2. I would love to visit Missouri Star Quilt Co. But living in the deep south,we rarely travel that way. Mostly in the eastern US. Love seeing your purchases.

  3. how I wold love to visit Missouri quilts have to make do with the videos all so inspiring. Good to see you got your yellow fingers crossed you can find some orange one of my favourite colours. Best of luck meeting your deadline for the red whits and blue quilt

  4. Wow I have so many places to go and see. I just need to make my mind up and go. Great purchases, and love your red white and blue block.

  5. This is going to look lovely!! Love all the fabrics you have chosen for your pretty star blocks. So wonderful that you can travel to MSQC on your motorcycle! Great choices with your yellow's and good start on your orange's!

  6. What a fun trip. I think I should be a little more organized about fabric purchases. I should try to stick to purchasing colors that are missing from my stash. I hope you get the chance to complete the red white and blue quilt.

  7. no plans to travel. Are the prices a bargain there? I love their web page about their company. Also I saw a commercial on tv about how their company started.
    I adore your fabric acquisitions and that block is incredibly beautific

  8. Camping, of course! We're UP-bound at the end of July and then back down to the Lower Peninsula for a week at our favorite campground on Little Traverse Bay in Petoskey. Woot! I'm geeked.... {grin}

  9. Officially JEALOUS - I'd love to go to Missouri Star! Love your new block, and yeah, good luck getting it done in time, lol - especially in summer! I love your yellows, I've been bemoaning the fact I have none as well. I'm not sure why!

  10. Amazing place, Missouri Star Quilt Company, we stopped last year on our way to visit friends. Next time I go I will go with girl friends!! More time to look and dream. I love the fabrics you found.

    Any plans on taking a trip to NW Wisconsin this year?


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