Ikaprint Labels and Zippered Bags

June 12, 2017

At the recommendation of Lorna and Cheryl, I chose to give Ikaprint a try and have tag labels printed. They ship from France, so they take a while to get here, but they really are worth the wait! I am anxious to use them! For those who would be interested, I ordered the 1 ½" x ⅝" size. Be sure to check out Lorna and Cheryl's blogs to see their labels. 

One way I will use them is when I make bags like these. I am attempting to be brave and teach a zippered bag class at Cotton Creek Mill this fall. To prepare, I have been testing some patterns to see which one I want to teach. This pattern is called Easy Cosmetic Bag by So Sew Easy. It was very easy, but where I struggle is how to get the tabs at the end of the zipper just right so when you flip it right side out you don't have those dented corners. I detest dented corner zippered bags. This one I did pretty well to avoid it, but I am not consistent at getting them to look this good. *frustrating*

Cute lining, yes?

 The perfect pattern to use so you never have to worry about dented corners by the zipper ends is the Open Wide bag by Noodlehead (the gray bag) and another very similar version, Full Access Zipper Bag by Jedi Craft Girl (the sheep bag). I had never made this type of zipper bag before and I can say that they were very easy! The difference in the two patterns is how you sew the beginning of the zipper. In the Noodlehead Open Wide bag, the end of the zipper is folded back before the metal stop. The  Jedi Craft Girl Full Accesss Zipper bag, the zipper is curved down into the seam after the metal stop. Of the two patterns, I preferred the curved zipper technique. It was easier for me. Either way, there are no dented corners and that's what matters to me! This will be the type of bag I will teach at the class and probably the one ones I will make from now on. =)

Do you have a favorite zippered bag tutorial/pattern that you love? Please share! 

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  1. Yea, you got your labels. You will love using them! Have fun teaching your class.

  2. labels look good and very impressed with your zippered bags have never tried to insert a zip in a bag have only done them in clothes very many years ago.

  3. Cute bags. Enjoy teaching your class.

  4. Cute bags, girl! I've stopped making them - I've made so many, now I prefer to just quilt!

  5. Cute labels! Love your bags and the fabrics you used. I've only made Lori Holt's zippered pouches, and they were fun and easy. Wish I could sit in on your class - your place of work looks and sounds wonderful!

  6. I LOVE your sheep fabric!!! We both feel the same way about dimpled corners! I've struggled with them too. My best efforts are when I use the little bit of fabric sewn on each end of the zipper. I don't think you are supposed to sew through that when you sew up the sides and that helps keep things square. I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to zippered pouches. You might find some good stuff there. https://www.pinterest.com/jackiegk/sew-zippered-pouches/


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