Cotton Creek Mill Commercial


 Now you can see who I work for and where I work! Come visit us sometime! There are two commercials, so there is a pause in the video between the two.

Don't blink! You might miss me! =D And yes, I planned that well. ;-) 

*hint* I am wearing black. 

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  1. Hey! I just saw my friend Celeste in the second one! Love the shop by the way!

  2. what a joy to work in a quilting shop, I wonder though if I would ever have any wages as I would be spending it on fabric

  3. I haven't been to (or thru) Iowa since my son graduated college, 4 years ago. Maybe one day....

  4. Amy, you are on tv. That is pretty cool. I like it!
    I wish I lived there

  5. I saw you! How cool that a quilt shop is doing commercials!

  6. What fun! Love seeing other quilt shops. Maybe one day I get to stop in and say hello.

  7. Thinking you were stationed at the register that day... {grin} Very nicely done commercials!

  8. I'd love to come visit - but it's more than a day trip, lol! Very cool!

  9. I had to watch the video about 8 times before I saw you! Hi Amy!


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