Lambkin Pillow

March 20, 2017

Have you seen the new spring quilt patterns by Nadra Ridgeway @ Ellis and Higgs?

 All of her patterns are seriously cute and I am quickly becoming a fan, however these two have won my heart!

I HAD to have the lamb pattern, of course, and now my couch has one more new pillow. =) 

I think I need to make a lamb mini quilt someday! =)

Happy Spring!!

 photo 2015_sig_zpsfk5a9zt3.png


  1. Your Little Lambkin pillow looks so precious! These two patterns are favorites of mine too!

  2. both patterns looks so nice the pillow is delightful

  3. I love your pillow. I am going to purchase the pattern when I get home and make a pillow at sit and sew this week.

  4. You should make a lamb quilt sometime and you could use all of your lamb fabric in it!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing, Amy - your lambkin pillow is absolutely adorable! :)

  6. You're right :) That lambkin pattern is just adorable - looks great! (as well as the stack of quilts peeking out to the side there)

  7. love your little lamb pillow. so so adorable and yes. a quilt needs to be made.

  8. Love the lamb! Love you too. I lost the last email from you before finishing the read, Amy. LOVeD the reach out, hope to talk again soon. ❤❤pokey


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