Cleaning Out Stash

March 6, 2017

Last week, I decided to go on a stash overhaul and let go of fabrics that I no longer loved. I found myself getting overwhelmed with all the scraps and fat quarters of fabric that were stacking up. Some found their way into the sale bin at Cotton Creek Mill, others to the thrift stores. It is so freeing!

I also spent several days doing mindless string block sewing. I ended up making 196 - 6.5" string blocks. That helped to empty my string tub that was overflowing and I was able to cut up more scraps in my scrap tubs and get rid of those, too. String quilts = free quilts. 

I still have these triangle string blocks I made last spring. One of these days I will get them all put together. =)  

Here is a list of the other string quilts I have made in the past.  

When is the last time you did a spring cleaning of your stash? 

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  1. I just pulled a few pieces of fabric out of my scrap drawer and cut them into 2.5" squares. I am getting really low in my leaders/enders pail. Now that I have discovered Bonnie's technique I never, ever want to run out of 2.5" squares again! Once I have stacked these new squares by twos (light and dark) in my pail I will begin cutting more. I love working on a quilt while solving a problem.

    Take care!

  2. I have never done a spring cleaning of my stash. I am folding them and putting them in my closet, I've started a box of stuff I know that I will never use.

  3. LOVE those string quilts. I don't have much of a stash - it all fits in my china cabinet - so maybe I need to overhaul at a quilt shop, lol!


  4. Looks like you made great progress. Make a person feel good to accomplish something like this. Chris

  5. Gorgeous string blocks! I am "spring cleaning" my stash room right now. I am fortunate to have a whole storage room for my own use in the unfinished part of our basement (which isn't really a basement since our house is on a hillside and therefor lacks any mustiness - ). It exploded and got overstuffed horribly during the months we were working on wedding prep. I've been pulling everything out section by section, organizing and reloading. I'm maybe halfway finished with the quilting part of it. Still have non-quilt sewing stuff and other storage altogether that I want to go through. It overwhelms me, so I'm not doing it all in one push, nor am I putting everything on hold while I do it. I'll sure be happy when it's finished, though!!!

  6. Love the look of string quilts. Do you paper piece these? do you know of any good tutorials?

    1. I do not use paper. I use a fabric foundation. Here is a great tutorial for you on Craftsy. =)

      Thanks for stopping by, Maria!!

  7. Good for you, Amy! It is freeing to clean out fabric scraps - love your string blocks!!

  8. Good way to clean up your stash. I did that when I moved my sewing room a few months ago. Today I got distracted and went shopping in my stash. I think I came out with 3-4 pieces to use for the RSC.

  9. Um......
    Okay. one day.
    Your string blocks are cute. I have made some of those with strips and then just put them on a shelf.... somewhere. I have them.
    Your blocks and the triangles are so nice. Even if you did not make something huge, you could make a table cloth, or a mat, or a runner, or little stuff..... even fun pillows for babies.
    have a nice Tuesday Amy. I am so glad to know you :::bighugs:::

  10. I have plans to make string quilt blocks but have not organized my scraps enough yet to get started on that. I will be moving my sewing space to a new room soon so maybe that will help me to get the scraps in the right place to make that happen. I have made one scrap quilt so far and it is one of my favorites. Thanks for the inspiration to give this a try.


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