Friendship Love - Sew Sweet Bee blocks

February 20, 2017

My mail box has been very busy! Here are the Friendship Love blocks that have arrived so far. =) You can find the tutorial for the Friendship Love block on this post. When they all get here, I will get a picture of them all together and decide what other colors I need to add. This quilt will be darling!

From Missy @ Missy's Homemaking Adventures. Isn't the pink heart darling! Cuteness!

Kimmy @ Kimmy Kitty Creations generously sent me three blocks and a mug rug. I had the hardest time opening the package because it was wrapped so beautifully! 

Elaine @ Elaine.summercrafter added an ornament of the block. These ladies know how to spoil and are so talented! 

And check out the quilt label Denny @laughsewgarden included with her block! The fussy cut bird is adorable! Or adordable, as my granddaughter says. =D

Miss Donna @Donna's Lavender Nest knows how I love pink. =) 

Dori @The Red Feedsack sent two blocks and a banner! 

Tuki @tukidre is a new quilter! She has some serious skills for a new quilter. =) Be sure to check out her Instagram page to see her work. =)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a happy Monday! 

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  1. Your quilt is going to be awesome! You got a lot of sweet things!

  2. These are all such gorgeous blocks. It will make a beautiful quilt!!

  3. Everyone's blocks are sew pretty. Your quilt is going to be awesome. I can not wait to see it put together.

  4. Wow those blocks are so pretty it is going to be a gorgeous quilt.

  5. these blocks are really beautiful. I love the fabrics. they are all "adordable" indeed

  6. Beautiful blocks and such thoughtful gifts. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt.

  7. Those blocks are great - and from the sounds of it, the ladies sharing them are pretty great too!


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