Cotton + Steel projects

February 22, 2017

I recently received some Cotton + Steel fabrics, which meant I got to play with it and make a sample. =) 

I love the back!! The selvedge was so cute I kept it on. 

I was on a roll, so I dug into my stash and made another pillow cover for the couch. The picnic basket fabric is so cute! Being a larger print, I didn't want to cut it up so it is perfect for a pillow!

And one more small project using the make up print from the Jubilee line by Melody Miller. The bag pattern is a free tutorial by Lori Holt which can be found here: Quilty Zip Bag. I have no idea what I will use it for. I needed a quick small project that I could get done in a day. Zipper bags fit that need nicely. I need to make a boxy bag using this print to use for my make up. =)

What quick projects do you like to make? 

Have a happy Wednesday!!

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  1. love that quilt and the block pattern. may use some of those for a 16 year old boy that doesn't want girly blocks

  2. I love your quilt and that fabric is adorable!

  3. Lovely quilt. How fun to be able to play with new fabrics.

  4. Amy, I love the lattice style quilt. You make good samples, that is why you are employable -- mad skills.
    I adore the two pillows on your couch. How jazzy. I need to get to work
    I love the zip bag too
    Happy Thursday

  5. Those fabrics look so fun, and you've used them well!

  6. That telephone print is fantastic! I've been on a fabric buying hiatus for some months now, but oh, there are so many neat prints coming out. Spring and fall are the worst-best! {grin}

  7. Oh cute cute cute - I love them all! I think I'll have to get some of the picnic basket fabric!

  8. You certainly have been busy, love your quilt and pillow....


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