Two UFOs done and SAD

January 26, 2017

The weather in Iowa has been gloomy and foggy for weeks. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun. =( I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the lack of sunshine makes it much worse. Sewing with pretty colors and keeping busy does help, but I am never quite myself again until spring comes. These last few weeks have been rough. The point of mentioning SAD? No sun also means it is super hard to take decent pictures of the projects I have finished so I can share them here, or on Instagram, for that matter! I decided to stop waiting for a better time and just go with the less than stellar photography. 

First up is Christmas Swoon! 

I made Christmas Swoon last January with the plans to have it done for this last Christmas. Best laid plans and all that... But it is done and I love it!! I did my typical wavy lines to quilt it, but this time I chose to not make the wavy lines as curvy as I usually do. The texture is amazing!

It measures 65" x 65". The back is pieced with the left over half square triangles. 

Next up is another quilt top I made last January using my Cotton & Steel stash. You can find more details in this blog post. This one finished up at 62" x 76". 

I chose to straight line quilt it using my walking foot edge about ¼" away from the seam as my guide.  Totally eye balled it. I love the star and hexagon shape that emerges at the points of the triangles. Oh, and trust me, I stratigcally took a picture where my points matched up perfectly. Not all of them look this good. Just sayin!

For the back, I chose a newspaper print by Zen Chic by Moda. 

 My next project is to get my Patchwork Swoon quilted. Oh, I also have a shop sample I am frantically trying to get done, Sweetie Pie by Lori Holt. Another gal is helping with the embroidery and the hand appliqué parts. It will be cute when it's done. =) 

Thanks for hanging out with me on this Thursday morning! Have a happy day!!

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  1. First, when you get the points to all match up, of course, that is what you should take a close-up of :-)

    And, I love the colors of your swoon quilt. I can never make myself get brave enough to mix many patterns and variations of a color, but the way you brought it all together looks amazing. I need to get brave someday.

    Hope you get some sunny days soon. I have a family member who struggles with SAD and spring can never come soon enough for her. About two years ago, her doctor also started giving her vitamin D injections, which helped, but still, there is just nothing like spring and sunshine.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous quilts Amy!!! I love the wavy line quilting too, I use it all the time. Do you have a Happy Light? I got one at Costco a few years back, at first it didn't seem like it helped but it really does. This gloomy weather gets to me too - I just want to sleep and I can't find any joy. Vitamin D3 and my happy light work wonders!!!

  3. I spent a couple of weeks in Texas, and there was lots of gray skies there, too. It sure does make a difference. My youngest son lives in Alaska (almost no sun for months). I'd never make it there. Spring is coming soon.......

  4. Amy turn on all the lights and keep up the beautiful piecing. I think I have been experiencing this also. The weatherman said some sunlight tomorrow. I hope you can get some relief soon. Take care Chris

  5. Congrats on your finishes! I always eyeball my quilting also, yours looks great!

  6. I have a touch of SAD, too, but the past couple of days have been chilly but sunny! YAY! It only takes about a week for me and I really start to feel it. Hoping for blue skies soon for you! You are certainly using some bright beautiful colors so hopefully it helps some!

  7. Oh my, that Christmas Swoon is beautiful! I have that pattern and have never made it. Will have to try it in reds/greens! Love it, Amy! sorry that you're SAD. Hope the sun comes out soon.

  8. Beautiful quilts. Your Swoon is gorgeous, as well as the cotton Steel quilt. Great job quilting them.

  9. Love the backing on your beautiful Christmas Swoon quilt. Such a special touch - and how you inserted your label. Beautiful quilts, Amy!

  10. Dear Amy, I do not think I have SAD but I am not very productive.
    I am still missing my kitty, and my mom.
    I have been a little panicky

    I have been sewing.

    Your swoon quilt is beautiful. I love it, and also the triangles. That is just amazing.
    I love your quilting.
    I hope you get some sunshine, and get happy and perky. I am never happy and perky, but every day I try.
    Love, Rosemary

  11. I love your quilts, that Swoon quilt is near the top of my to do list. Love your fabrics, they are so bright and cheerful. I am going to have to work a little more on my machine quilting, your quilting looks great, I love the wavy lines. We have SAD here in the Pacific Northwest every year. We did have some very cold clear days where we saw the sun but taking pictures of my quilts and other projects didn't happen because I seemed to be at work when the sun came out.

  12. Amy your quilts are beautiful! The backs are just as amazing as the fronts. Love how you quilted them.

    Hope you get sunny days soon. Some days it is not any better here. Never know when Mr. Sun is going to peak his head out.

    Wishing you a great day.


  13. Love the Christmas Swoon!! Great job on all of these~

  14. I don't have SAD, but we've also had endless days of fog and grey, cloudy skies - so your bright quilts are a boost to my soul! (It's funny saying that a quilt with a fair number of black blocks is bright, but black seems to make the other colours really POP!)
    I'm going to have to work on getting my 'triangles' quilt top pieced, just so I can try your quilting trick!


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