Friendship Love - A tutorial

January 31, 2017

For the last three years, I have been part of an online bee called Sew Sweet Bee. February is my turn to be Queen Bee. =) This is the block I have asked for them to make for me. It's simply a friendship star with a heart in the middle. Easy! 

Here is the tutorial for a 12" finished block.

From the colored fabric you will need: 
 (2) 5" squares
 (2) 2 ½" squares 
(4) 1" squares 

From the background fabric you will need:
(2) 5" squares
(4) 4 ½" squares
(2) 2 ½" x 4 ½" rectangles 

 Make 4 half square triangles using the two 5" colored squares and the two 5" background squares.

Trim them to 4 ½" and set aside.

For the center heart block section, I used the tutorial by Cluck Cluck Sew. Keep in mind that in my block, the heart will be made with the background fabric. In other words, it's the inverse of what she is making in her tutorial. 

My pictures should help you understand what I mean. You will use the (4) 1" colored squares, the 
(2) 2 ½" squares and the (2) 2 ½" x 4 ½" white rectangles. 

The heart should measure at 4 ½".

I forgot to take a picture of the next step which is to take all nine of the 4 ½" squares and lay them out in a 9 patch grid. You need to make sure the half square triangle blocks that are making the friendship star are spinning in the correct direction. I know you can figure it out. =) Then you simply sew them together like a 9 patch and press so the seams nest. The block should measure 12 ½" (12" finished).

Aren't they cute!

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Have a happy day!

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Two UFOs done and SAD

January 26, 2017

The weather in Iowa has been gloomy and foggy for weeks. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun. =( I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the lack of sunshine makes it much worse. Sewing with pretty colors and keeping busy does help, but I am never quite myself again until spring comes. These last few weeks have been rough. The point of mentioning SAD? No sun also means it is super hard to take decent pictures of the projects I have finished so I can share them here, or on Instagram, for that matter! I decided to stop waiting for a better time and just go with the less than stellar photography. 

First up is Christmas Swoon! 

I made Christmas Swoon last January with the plans to have it done for this last Christmas. Best laid plans and all that... But it is done and I love it!! I did my typical wavy lines to quilt it, but this time I chose to not make the wavy lines as curvy as I usually do. The texture is amazing!

It measures 65" x 65". The back is pieced with the left over half square triangles. 

Next up is another quilt top I made last January using my Cotton & Steel stash. You can find more details in this blog post. This one finished up at 62" x 76". 

I chose to straight line quilt it using my walking foot edge about ¼" away from the seam as my guide.  Totally eye balled it. I love the star and hexagon shape that emerges at the points of the triangles. Oh, and trust me, I stratigcally took a picture where my points matched up perfectly. Not all of them look this good. Just sayin!

For the back, I chose a newspaper print by Zen Chic by Moda. 

 My next project is to get my Patchwork Swoon quilted. Oh, I also have a shop sample I am frantically trying to get done, Sweetie Pie by Lori Holt. Another gal is helping with the embroidery and the hand appliqué parts. It will be cute when it's done. =) 

Thanks for hanging out with me on this Thursday morning! Have a happy day!!

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First Quilt of 2017 and Kitchen Update

January 6, 2017

Good Morning and Happy 2017! 

One major goal my hubby and I have this new year is to get this kitchen completely finished and we are so close! Over the holidays, Russ got the backsplash installed. All that needs to be done is the grout. We are going to use a light grey colored grout.

Here is the big picture of how the kitchen looks. So close to being done! 

My first quilt of 2017 is for baby Millie. Millie's daddy is a cat person and I fell in love with Erin Michael's new fabric line for Moda called Meow or Never. I was so glad to have an excuse to play with it!  It's perfect for her and I think her daddy will appreciate it, too. =) 

I quilted it with my go to wavy lines. I like the texture it gives and its easy. =)  I get to give it to her today! 

Until next time, have a happy weekend!! 

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