Millie - 2 weeks

November 7, 2016

Millie is doing very well! She is over her birth weight, holding her own body temperature, and breathing on her own. What she needs to learn to do is learn to eat and suckle. For now, she practices on her pacifier and is being fed mother's milk through a tube to her tummy. I am so very thankful for God's kindness....

Meanwhile, big sister, Tally, has a new baby of her own to take care of. I think she is in love. =) 

Next time I will get back to sharing quilts! 

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. Our grandson was born very early and spent the first few weeks being tube fed. He is now 3 months old and has tripled his birth weight. Bottles are now 4 oz with no problems. Sending hugs and prayers for your sweet Millie.

  2. A beautiful update on both Millie and Tally. :)

  3. So glad everyone is doing well. You were definitely in my thoughts and prayers. Such cuties patooties. Tally will be a big help - she is practicing already :)!

  4. Que alegria que todo esté saliendo de maravilla.
    Besos y deseos de que pronto esté en casa.

  5. aw,such sweet news to see this morn! wonderful,precious blessing for all!!~Lynn

  6. Boy, this brings back memories for me. I love these photos of her with the huge pacifier. I remember Lizzie doing the same, holding on with two tiny hands like that was her wonderful thing. She did develop over three years an addiction to those things, but there are ways to work through that later. Either way, she called then "fowers" kind of sounding like fiers. cute.
    I am thrilled to hear that tiny Millie is doing well. Tell your daughter to enjoy those professional baby sitters. When I brought Lizzie home.... I was considering calling the NICU and see if they could take her back for a while longer :-D :-D

  7. So glad Millie is doing so much better. My niece won't take any pictures of her premie, until all the tubes are gone (will be weeks, maybe even longer). She finally got to hold him again, yesterday (first time in 5 days).

  8. So happy she is doing well since being born. And, what a cute baby doll for Tally. Will be praying for your family. Thanks for sharing photos.

  9. Amy, just checking in and finding out about little Millie. So very thankful that she seems to be doing well. I know you much be doubly thankful for the Lord's mercies. My little grandson (born in April at 24 weeks) was in NICU for 132 days. He's having yet another surgery tomorrow (Nov 15th) to check on why he can't swallow. He's still being tube-fed into his tummy. He's been thru so much, weighing 1 lb 6 oz at birth but now weighs over 11 lbs at 6 1/2 months old. He's doing well. I'd appreciate prayers for him tomorrow. Thanks! And I'll pray that Millie will continue to thrive!

  10. Thinking of you today on Thanksgiving and thankful Millie is progressing well-thanks be to God! I don't have pics bc of my funky camera ,but finished the pink quilt top ( except last border) you so graciously and patiently helped with. It's not perfect (doesn't line up perfectly ,despite me measuring blocks,etc.) but I'm not perfect either! Hope you get to have a peaceful day with family today!!

  11. Thinking of you this thanksgiving day and thankful Millie is progressing well. Thanks be to God!!

    I finished the quilt top (excepting 1 border) that you so graciously and patiently helped me with. I don't have pics bc of my funky camera but it's not perfect (despite using a block and measuring precisely) ,but I'm not perfect either. Even my daughter liked it,and my friend will hopefully be pleasantly surprised. So thankful for your help,and I learned new stuff!

    Hope you get to have a relaxing day with family,God bless!


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